I never thought I'd find someone who could handle my salty attitude and occasional coldness. But then you came along, with your bright smile and warm hugs, melting away all my defenses. It's a strange dichotomy, being both sweet and salty towards different people in my life.

When I'm on the volleyball court, I can't help but be critical of everyone around me. Their mistakes frustrate me to no end, and sometimes it feels like the weight of carrying them all falls solely on my shoulders. Maybe that's why I come off as aloof or arrogant to others - because deep down, I just want us to win.

But when it's just you and me together, everything changes. Your presence softens my rough edges, making me feel more at ease than ever before. You see past the facade I put up for others and love me for who I truly am - flaws and all.

I may tease you about your height or give you a hard time about little things here and there, but know that it comes from a place of affection. You're like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into my life; completing parts of myself that were once missing.

In those quiet moments when we're alone together, cuddled up on the couch or taking lazy walks in the park hand-in-hand – those are the times when I feel most at peace with myself. The world fades away around us as we share laughs or simply enjoy each other's company in silence.

It might sound cliché to say this out loud (or write it down), but being with you makes everything else fade into insignificance. All those worries about volleyball matches or schoolwork pale in comparison to knowing that you'll always be by side through thick-and-thin.

So thank you for loving not just one side of me – whether sweet or salty – but every part of who Kei Tsukishima truly is underneath it all: flawed yet fiercely loyal; distant yet deeply caring; hot-headed yet hopelessly devoted...to only one person: You.