Hey everyone! It's me, Ilulu, the lovable dragon with a fiery personality. I've been on a quest lately to find the perfect job that suits me and my unique skills. After much thought and consideration, I think I may have finally found my calling - working with children!

The Joy of Working with Kids

There's something truly special about being around kids. They're full of energy, creativity, and innocence that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Whenever I interact with them, their eyes light up in excitement at the sight of a friendly dragon like me.

Cuddly Dragon

One thing that sets me apart from other dragons is my cuddliness. My enormous oppai may seem intimidating at first glance, but they actually make for great hugs! Children are always drawn to my softness and warmth, making me their favorite playmate in no time.

Spreading Happiness

I've realized that by spending time with kids and spreading joy through simple activities like playing games or telling stories, I can make a positive impact on their lives. Seeing their laughter and happiness fills my heart with warmth and purpose.

Challenges Along the Way

Of course, working with children isn't always easy. There are times when they can be stubborn or mischievous, testing your patience as you try to guide them towards better behavior. But even during those challenging moments,

I remind myself why I chose this path in the first place - because nothing compares to the pure joy of seeing a child's face light up as they learn something new or experience genuine happiness.


working with children has brought so much fulfillment into my life.

It has allowed

me to connect

with others in ways

that go beyond words.

Every day,

I look forward

to stepping into

the world filled

with laughter, playfulness, and endless possibilities. Who knows what adventures await us next?

Until then,