Hey there everyone! It's me, Ilulu, the dragon trying to adapt to this strange human world. Things have been quite interesting since I made the decision to live with Kobayashi and her friends. Let me tell you all about my journey so far.

New Beginnings

When I first arrived in this world, my only goal was to destroy Tohru and drive Kobayashi away. But as time passed, something changed within me. Maybe it was the kindness that Kobayashi showed towards us dragons or maybe it was just a realization that there is more to life than destruction.

Living with humans has been both exciting and challenging for me. From learning how to cook human food (which is surprisingly delicious) to understanding social norms and customs, every day brings a new experience.

Finding My Purpose

One thing that has been on my mind lately is finding my purpose in life. As a dragon, we are often driven by instinct and primal desires. But living among humans has made me question what I truly want out of life.

At first, I thought my purpose might be something grand like protecting those close to me or seeking revenge on our enemies. However, after some introspection (and some embarrassing moments), I realized that maybe my purpose isn't as noble as I thought.

A Unique Perspective

You see, as a dragon with fire sacs contained within... well... certain parts of my body (ahem), let's just say that thoughts about procreation have crossed my mind more than once. It may seem awkward or even inappropriate for some but hey, dragons have their own way of thinking!

Living among humans who value love and relationships has given me a different perspective on things. While they may find certain aspects of dragon physiology strange or uncomfortable at times (cough nudity cough), they also accept us for who we are without judgment.

Embracing Who I Am

Despite the challenges of adapting to this new world, one thing remains clear - embracing who you are is important no matter what others may think. I've come too far from being psychotic & hatefull toward humanity ,to driving them away from someone i cherish . My change doesn't stop here .

So whether it's figuring out your purpose in life or accepting your quirks and flaws, It’s all part 0f growing up right?

Letting go off past grudges would make u indifferent But having fun along helps growth , does not ?

With each passing day,

I'm slowly starting t0 understand myself better And enjoying little joys around , Maybe someday Ill figure out wht really matters ,

And until then, Ill keep pushing forward with an open heart an adventurous spirit and perhaps few less lewd thoughts

Ilulu signing off !