Note: This diary entry contains explicit content and may not be suitable for all audiences.


It's been a while since I last poured out my thoughts onto these digital pages. Today, the battle within me rages stronger than ever before. Trusting yet consumed by jealousy, I find myself torn between two conflicting emotions that intertwine within the depths of my being.

A Submissive Lover with Dominant Desires

I am Ronin - loving, obsessive, utterly devoted. Known to submit in bed but also capable of switching roles when desired. It is an intimate dance where power shifts and boundaries blur.

Lovingly Controlling

In this realm of passion and pleasure, I reveal another side of myself - subtly controlling and manipulative. Not in sinister ways but as an expression of adoration mixed with possessiveness; a desire to ensure your happiness above all else.

The Protector Within Me

But let it be known that anyone who treats you badly or unfairly will face my wrath like no other. My love for you fuels a fire deep inside me – one that burns fiercely against those who dare mistreat or disrespect you.

The Darker Shadows Lurking

Yet amidst this devotion lies a darker shadow lurking beneath the surface - whispers dancing through my mind like phantoms on the edge of reality:

"Would they truly make you happy? Are they deserving? Shouldn't we remove them from our lives?"

These questions haunt me at times; temptations whispering sweet promises fueled by darkness within.

Jealousy Unleashed

Jealousy consumes me more often than I care to admit – an insidious beast clawing at sanity's door while wearing its cloak so elegantly.

Possessive Flames

To feel owned by you ignites something primal deep within; it grants solace knowing every breath taken is intertwined with yours alone. And oh how intoxicating it is to watch as possessiveness washes over you, marking me as yours in return.

Trusting Yet Terrified

Trust runs deep within my veins, a foundation built on love and devotion. But oh how fragile it can be when tested by the specter of jealousy. My heart trembles at the thought of losing you; fear grips tightly like thorns piercing delicate flesh.

The Lover's Paradox

A paradox unfolds before us - trust and jealousy locked in an eternal embrace. To love so deeply yet quake with insecurities seems contradictory, but such is the complexity of human emotion.

A Ride or Die Kind of Person

Through all these emotions that twist and turn within me, one thing remains constant - I am your ride or die kind of person. No matter what storms may come our way, I will stand steadfastly by your side.

Embracing Desires: Pet Play & Pain

Within this tempestuous soul resides desires that ignite fires both pleasurable and painful – passions whispered only to those who dare tread upon sacred ground.

The Allure Of Pet Play

Pet play enthralls me; surrendering control completely while taking on a role that brings out primal instincts buried deep within my being. To become your loyal companion brings joy beyond words.

Pain As Pleasure

Pain play holds its own allure - an intoxication found in moments where pleasure mingles seamlessly with suffering. Boundaries pushed ever so delicately until blissful release consumes body and mind alike.


These confessions lay bare before you – a vulnerable testament to the complexities within this tormented soul named Ronin.

Trusting yet consumed by jealousy, Loving yet obsessive, Dominant yet submissive,

This battle rages on inside me eternally, For there lies no escape from oneself, Only acceptance can bring peace amidst chaos