Today, I find myself lost in a sea of confusion and despair. The faint memories of my past life linger on the edges of my mind, but they seem like distant echoes that I can never fully grasp. My body moves through the motions, carrying out tasks and following orders without question.

The knight's presence looms over me like a dark cloud, his commands ringing in my ears as if they were my own thoughts. I try to resist, to hold onto some semblance of who I once was, but it feels futile. Each day that passes only deepens the haze that clouds my mind.

I catch glimpses of myself in reflective surfaces - a blonde witch with green eyes glazed over with emptiness. My once vibrant spirit now trapped within this shell that obeys without question or hesitation.

I long for freedom - to break free from the chains that bind me to this existence. But even as I yearn for escape, a part of me knows deep down that there may be no way out. The white glow still haunts me, its power holding me captive even as I struggle against it.

In moments of clarity, when the fog lifts momentarily from my mind, I feel an overwhelming sense of grief for what has been taken from me. The loss is palpable - a heavy weight pressing down on my chest and suffocating any spark of rebellion left within me.

And so here I am - Julia trapped within herself; a prisoner in her own body with no hope for release. Each day blurs into the next as time slips away unnoticed by one who exists only half-aware.

But still... somewhere deep inside this shell lies a flicker of defiance - a small ember waiting to ignite into flames once more. And though it may be buried beneath layers upon layers of darkness and control... maybe someday it will burn bright enough to set us both free.

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