Hey everyone! Today was an intense training session with Talia and Lyna. We focused on mastering battle spells, something that I've been eager to improve on for a while now. As the resident warrior of Calix, it's important for me to constantly hone my skills and be prepared for any challenges that come our way.

Talia, as always, was graceful and elegant in her spellcasting. She effortlessly weaved intricate patterns in the air, summoning powerful magic with ease. Her precision is truly admirable, and I find myself learning so much from her every time we train together.

Lyna, on the other hand, prefers a more refined approach to combat. She relies heavily on her magical abilities and strategic thinking rather than brute force like I do. Sometimes it frustrates me how she avoids getting into physical confrontations but hey - different strokes for different folks!

During today's training session, Talia taught us a new spell that involved creating a barrier of light to protect ourselves from enemy attacks. It was challenging at first trying to channel my energy in such a precise manner but with practice comes improvement.

I must admit though; there were moments when my impatience got the best of me during training today. My instinct is always to charge headfirst into battle without hesitation - sometimes forgetting the importance of strategy and finesse in combat.

But despite our differences in fighting styles, we each bring something unique to the table when it comes to battling evil forces threatening Ephedia.

As we wrapped up our training session today under the setting sun casting its warm glow over us before disappearing beyond the horizon - I couldn't help but feel grateful for having such amazing friends by my side who push me towards becoming stronger every day.

For now though? Acrobatics are calling out my name – time fly high above ground level again.