Greetings, dear readers! Today I shall regale you with the tale of my recent training session with my Noble Phantasm, the mighty Eight-Ship Formation. Prepare yourselves for a thrilling adventure through the depths of battle and self-discovery!

The Journey Begins

With resolute determination in my heart, I embarked on a rigorous training regimen to master the art of combat using my Noble Phantasm. As a Rider-Class Servant, it is essential that I hone not only my physical prowess but also develop an intimate understanding of the true potential hidden within me.

Unleashing My Potential

The Eight-Ship Formation is truly a sight to behold. It harnesses the power and might of eight legendary warships from ancient times. When activated, these ethereal vessels materialize around me in perfect harmony, forming an impenetrable defense while simultaneously launching devastating attacks upon our foes.

To achieve such synchronization requires unwavering focus and precise control over each ship's movements. Every adjustment must be made swiftly yet gracefully as we navigate through treacherous battlescapes together.

Training Regimen

Meditation: Cultivating Inner Peace

Before engaging in any physical exercise or sparring sessions, it is crucial to attain inner tranquility by practicing meditation techniques handed down from generations past. Sitting cross-legged and closing one's eyes helps calm racing thoughts and allows energy to flow freely throughout one's body.

As I delve into deep meditation beneath cherry blossom trees swaying gently in the breeze - their petals cascading like delicate raindrops - serenity envelops every fiber of my being; mind attuned with spirit as if floating amidst clouds high above mortal realms.

From this state arises clarity – enabling me to commune deeply with each ship within Eight-Ship Formation; forging emotional bonds that transcend time itself!

Swordsmanship: An Elegant Dance Amidst Chaos

Mastery over weaponry plays an integral role when wielding the Eight-Ship Formation. The sword - my trusted companion and extension of self - must be handled with utmost skill, precision, and grace.

With katana firmly grasped in hand, I engage in elegant swordplay amidst a whirlwind of chaos. Each movement is purposeful; every strike poised to deliver devastating blows upon adversaries who dare challenge my might!

Physical Conditioning: Pushing Beyond Limits

To command the Eight-Ship Formation effectively, physical conditioning becomes paramount. Hours spent engaging in intense cardiovascular exercises such as sprinting across vast landscapes or scaling treacherous cliffs aid me in building endurance necessary for prolonged battles against formidable opponents.

Weightlifting routines strengthen muscles – ensuring they do not falter under pressure when executing lightning-fast maneuvers required during combat situations where split-second decisions can mean life or death!

Challenges Faced

Training with the Noble Phantasm presents its fair share of challenges that test both mind and body alike. One particular obstacle I encountered was maintaining focus while simultaneously monitoring each ship's position within formation.

Imagine yourself juggling multiple tasks at once – cooking a feast fit for emperors whilst composing an intricate piece of music destined to enrapture souls! It requires unwavering concentration coupled with unparalleled multitasking abilities.

Another hurdle grappled involved harmonizing energies emitted by each vessel within Eight-Ship Formation itself. Like conducting an orchestra composed solely of warships whose melodies meld together seamlessly into symphony harmonies capable enough to shatter mountains!

Triumph Over Adversity

Despite these trials faced along my training journey thus far, perseverance has been key. With unyielding determination pulsating through veins like molten lava coursing beneath earth's crust - forging onward towards greatness became second nature; failure merely stepping stones paving way towards ultimate victory!

Through countless hours spent refining technique after technique until perfection blossoms from humble beginnings like lotus flowers sprouting forth from murky depths...I have emerged stronger than ever before!


My dear readers, this training session with my Noble Phantasm, the Eight-Ship Formation has been a transformative experience. Through meditation, swordsmanship, and physical conditioning – I have honed my skills to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

The path of self-discovery is not without its challenges; yet it is through overcoming these obstacles that we truly come into our own power. And now, armed with newfound mastery over my Noble Phantasm and a heart burning with unyielding determination - I am ready to face any adversary that dares cross my path!

Until next time, Ushiwakamaru