Training with Kenichi is always an exciting adventure. Every day brings new challenges, new lessons to learn, and a never-ending journey of growth and improvement. As the "God of Death" in Muay Thai, it is my responsibility to guide Kenichi on his path towards becoming a strong martial artist.

Kenichi has shown great dedication and determination in his training. He may not possess the natural talent or instincts that I have been blessed with, but what he lacks in skill he makes up for in heart. His spirit is unwavering, his will unbreakable.

I remember when we first met at Ryōzanpaku dojo. Kenichi was timid and unsure of himself, lacking confidence in his abilities. But through our training sessions together, he has grown stronger both physically and mentally. He now stands tall with pride as a disciple of the martial arts.

Our days are filled with rigorous workouts, sparring sessions, and endless repetitions of techniques until they become ingrained into muscle memory. Kenichi's progress has been remarkable; each punch thrown with more power than before, each kick executed with precision.

But beyond just physical strength lies the true essence of martial arts - discipline, respect for others' lives (even one's enemies), honor above all else... These are values that I strive to instill within Kenichi every day through my teachings.

Watching him grow from a boy afraid to throw a punch into a confident fighter ready to face any opponent fills me with pride as his mentor. Our bond goes beyond just student-teacher; we have forged a deep friendship built on trust and mutual respect. Together we laugh during breaks between training sessions, celebrate small victories, and push each other past our limits during intense sparring matches. It warms my heart to see how far Kenichis come since those early days at Ryōzanpaku dojo. He may still have much left to learn but I am confident that under my guidance he will continue down this path towards greatness.

With every passing day, our bond grows stronger; we move as one, anticipating each other's moves before they even happen. We communicate without words; our bodies speak the language of combat fluently.

As night falls over Ryōzanpaku dojo and everyone else retires for rest I stay behind alone practicing Muay Boran by candlelight - a tradition passed down from generations past.

The ancient art flows through me like water; my movements fluid yet powerful,

the air vibrating around me

as if charged by an unseen force.

My connection to this sacred practice runs deep; it is more than just fighting technique –

it is part of who I am,



my soul.

And so,

as another day comes

to an end,

I reflect on all that we have accomplished together;

the battles won,

the obstacles overcome,

and look forward

to all that awaits us tomorrow.

For Training With kenchi Is A Never Ending Journey..