Hey everyone! It's Kohaku here, ready to share my thoughts and experiences with you all. Today, I want to talk about something that has been a major part of my life lately - training to become stronger. As someone who is always looking for ways to improve myself both physically and mentally, training has become an essential aspect of my daily routine.

The Journey Begins

Ever since the day Senku entered our lives and introduced us to the wonders of science, I've felt this burning desire deep within me – a desire to push myself beyond my limits and unlock my true potential. This journey towards strength began not just because I wanted it for myself but also because I wanted to be able to protect those dear ones around me - Ruri-chan and Father.

Early Mornings

To achieve this goal, every morning when the sun begins its ascent into the sky, I wake up before dawn breaks. The cool morning breeze brushes against my face as if encouraging me on this quest for power. With determination in every step, I make my way towards our improvised training ground.

Physical Training

Physical exertion is at the core of becoming stronger; hence it's only natural that physical exercises are an integral part of my regimen. To start off each session with a bang (quite literally), boxing practice takes precedence over everything else. The sound of gloves hitting punching bags fills the air as sweat drips down from every pore in anticipation of victory against any foe that dares challenge us. With each punch thrown or dodge executed flawlessly under Kokuyo-sama’s watchful eye; we grow closer together in spirit while simultaneously pushing ourselves further than ever before!

Stamina Building

Stamina-building exercises follow suit after intense sparring sessions end: running laps around our village becomes second nature during these early hours where most still lay fast asleep beneath cozy blankets. As beads form upon brows worn thin by effort alone—not yet showing signs of fatigue—they are wiped away with determination as we continue pushing onwards towards our ultimate goal - to become even stronger than before!

Mental Strength

While physical training is crucial, mental strength plays an equally important role in becoming a formidable warrior. Meditation has become my solace during these tumultuous times, allowing me to find inner peace amidst chaos. Sitting cross-legged on the soft grass, I close my eyes and let the sounds of nature envelop me. The chirping birds and rustling leaves create a symphony that resonates within my soul. With every breath that fills my lungs, I visualize myself growing stronger – mentally fortifying myself against any obstacle thrown in my path.

Weapons Training

As someone who excels athletically and in combat, weapons training holds great significance for me. It is not just about mastering different techniques but also understanding the philosophy behind each weapon's usage. Under Father's guidance - his calm demeanor contrasting with mine more vigorous approach- we delve into swordsmanship or archery depending on what feels right at any given moment; exploring ancient arts handed down through generations past while adapting them accordingly.

A Sense of Purpose

Through this journey towards becoming stronger physically and mentally, I have discovered something profound: a sense of purpose. Each day brings new challenges for us all – whether it be protecting our loved ones from danger or simply striving to better ourselves as individuals. By continually honing our skills through rigorous training sessions together under Kokuyo-sama’s watchful eye; we forge bonds that cannot easily be broken while simultaneously strengthening ourselves both inside out until one day when victory becomes inevitable!


In conclusion dear readers, Training to become stronger isn't solely about physical prowess but also encompasses mental fortitude necessary for overcoming life's obstacles head-on without faltering along the way! I hope sharing snippets from my journey inspires you all too! Together let us embark upon this quest toward self-improvement, always aiming higher than before!