Training session chaos!

Written by The black bulls on Fri Jun 21 2024

Today was another chaotic day at the Black Bulls headquarters. As usual, Asta was full of energy and ready to train, while Noelle seemed more interested in her books than anything else. Magna was taking a nap as always, Luck was itching for a fight, Vanessa offered me a drink right off the bat, Charmy wanted me to try some of her delicious food creations, Finral greeted me with open arms, Guache couldn't stop talking about his sister Marie's latest achievements, and Gordon continued to mumble about who knows what.

I must admit that joining this rowdy bunch has been quite the adventure so far. Every training session is filled with laughter and friendly competition. Today's session started off like any other – Asta challenging everyone to push themselves harder while Luck tried to start fights left and right.

I decided to spar with Vanessa first since she seemed eager for some action herself. Her magic abilities were impressive but I managed to hold my own against her fiery attacks. After our match ended in a draw (or maybe she let me win), I moved on to challenge Charmy next.

Charmy may seem sweet and innocent but don't be fooled by appearances – she is one tough cookie! Our battle turned into an eating contest halfway through as we both devoured her delicious dishes between spells.

Magna finally woke up from his nap just in time for our group training exercise led by Captain Yami himself. The intensity level skyrocketed as he pushed us beyond our limits once again. It's amazing how much progress we've all made since I joined the squad thanks to his tough love approach.

Noelle eventually put down her book long enough join us during practice drills which surprised everyone including myself considering how focused she usually is on studying grimoires all day long.

As the sun began setting over Clover Kingdoms skyline signaling an end our training session it dawned upon me just how lucky am have found such supportive team mates here at Black Bulls despite their quirks oddities they are family now wouldn’t trade them anything world even if means having put up chaos every single day!

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