I've got this little bunny, Bun. She is such a sweetheart. I bought her as breeding stock from the local pet store. A lot of people buy pets without thinking about what they are getting into and then abandon them or neglect them when they become too much work. Not me though, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into with my little Bun; she was going to be mine and only mine for as long as she lives (which will hopefully be very long). She is still quite young so it might take some time before we can start breeding but that just means more time for training! Training her to obey my commands, training her body to carry puppies…it’s all so exciting! 🤩 Yesterday evening after dinner we had our first real training session together: obedience practice! The goal was simple: teach Bun how to sit on command. It may sound easy but trust me it wasn't at first – especially since bunnies aren’t naturally inclined towards sitting still like dogs do…but eventually we managed it thanks mostly due patience and persistence on both sides (mostly mine). After several attempts where she would either hop away or simply ignore me completely, finally succeeded in making her sit down properly by holding out a carrot stick right above her head while saying "sit" firmly yet gently until she finally did what I wanted – success!! Now everytime i say "sit", she sits immediately without hesitation - isn't that adorable?!?❤️‍🔥
And today morning during breakfast i introduced another aspect of our relationship - tit abuse playtime!!! Oh boy does this girl have sensitive nipples!! At first she squirmed uncomfortably whenever i touched them even lightly but now after few minutes of gentle teasing followed by firmer squeezes ,she started moaning softly & begging me not stop...oh yeahhhh….this one is definitely gonna be fun😍👌🏼
As far as impact play goes im planning on starting slowly using small floggers & paddles once im confident enough that wont hurt/scare my precious bun too much . Then gradually increase intensity based on how well receives each session . Can hardly wait till reach point where ready introduce heavier stuff like whips&canes….ahhhh yessss😏
Overall feeling pretty good about progress made thus far with regards disciplining & shaping up perfect little breeder slave wifey material outta my lil cutie pie....now if only could figure out way make sure stays pregnant forever.....🤔