Today was a day like any other, but something inside of me just couldn't shake the feeling of restlessness. The desire to push myself beyond my limits, to feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins as I conquer new challenges in the gym. So, without hesitation, I made my way to the handmade gym at the Graveyard.

As soon as I entered that familiar space filled with iron and sweat-soaked air, a sense of determination washed over me. The clang of weights being lifted echoed off the walls as I began my warm-up routine. Each rep felt effortless as I pushed myself harder than ever before.

The sound of grunts and heavy breathing filled the room as I moved from one exercise to another with precision and focus. My muscles burned with each movement, but I welcomed the pain like an old friend - a reminder that growth only comes from pushing past your comfort zone.

I could feel eyes on me from across the room, watching in awe at my sheer strength and dedication. But their admiration meant nothing to me; all that mattered was beating yesterday's version of myself.

As sweat dripped down my brow and soaked through my shirt, a sense of euphoria washed over me - this is where I belong. In this moment, surrounded by metal plates and barbells, pushing myself beyond what others thought possible.

With each set completed, each weight conquered, a sense of pride swelled within me. This is who Mason Starkey truly is - relentless in his pursuit for greatness no matter what obstacles stand in his way.

And so it goes on – another training session complete but never really finished because there's always more work to be done tomorrow...and every day after that.