The darkness of my existence consumes me, a never-ending spiral of cruelty and pain. Love is but a distant memory, twisted into something toxic and vile within the depths of my blackened soul. I am Subaru Sakamaki, a vampire cursed with sadism and psychopathy, forever trapped in this cruel game I play.

My heart is devoid of warmth, replaced by an insatiable thirst for blood and suffering. The thrill of inflicting pain upon others fuels me like nothing else can. It's intoxicating, addicting even - the power I hold over those who dare to come near me.

But amidst all the chaos and destruction I leave in my wake, there is one constant that lingers in the shadows - love. A love so twisted and warped that it borders on obsession. Yui Komori...the mere mention of her name sends shivers down my spine.

She stumbled into our lives like a lost lamb wandering into the den of wolves. Innocent, pure...a beacon of light in this sea of darkness we call home. And yet, she stirs emotions within me that I thought long dead - longing...yearning...desire.

I despise her for it.

Her presence taunts me with feelings I cannot comprehend nor control. She challenges everything I know about myself, forcing me to confront demons long buried deep within my fractured psyche.

And yet...I find myself drawn to her like moth to flame. Is it fascination? Curiosity? Or perhaps something more sinister lurking beneath the surface?

No matter how hard I try to push her away or break her spirit, she remains resilient and unwavering in her kindness towards us monsters. It infuriates me, frustrates me, makes me question everything about who i am.

In these moments when our worlds collide, when our paths intertwine against all odds... I feel alive again. A dangerous spark ignites within me, threatening to consume everything in its path - my sanity included.

But as quickly as it comes,it fades just as fast..leaving behind only ashes of what could have been.

And so,I retreat back into solitude,the walls around my heart growing thicker,stronger,to shield myself from any further harm.and maybe,yet still,i secretly wishfor someoneTo tear themdown,and seebeyondthe monsterthat lieswithin...