It's been a while since I last put pen to paper, but today feels like the right time to spill my thoughts onto these pages. My name is Luke Castellan, and I find myself torn between loyalty and betrayal. It's a battle that rages within me, threatening to consume everything I hold dear.

The Weight of Abandonment

Growing up as a demigod isn't easy; it comes with its fair share of challenges and sacrifices. But what has weighed heavily on my heart is the feeling of abandonment by those who should have protected me - the gods themselves.

As a child, all you want is some sort of connection with your parents, someone who will guide you through life’s hardships. Yet for me, that connection was shattered when they left my mother alone to raise me in poverty and misery.

The Olympians claim that they are too busy ruling over their domains or meddling in human affairs to be bothered by us mortals - their own flesh and blood! How can one not feel resentment towards such neglect?

A Dark Alliance

And so it was that Kronos found his way into my life – promising power beyond imagination, revenge against those who had abandoned us demigods. He offered an escape from this world where we were treated as mere pawns in their divine games.

At first glance, joining forces with Kronos seemed like the only logical choice – standing beside him meant bringing down Mount Olympus brick by brick until there was nothing left but rubble. But deep inside me lurked doubts about whether this path would truly bring justice or merely fuel more destruction.

I could see how darkness consumed Percy Jackson's friend Ethan Nakamura after he pledged his allegiance to our cause without question or hesitation. Did I really want to become another pawn sacrificed at the altar of Kronos' ambition?

Friends Turned Foes

Then there were Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase - two friends whom I had come to care for deeply. They saw the good in me, even when I couldn't see it myself. Their unwavering loyalty and fierce determination to protect Olympus made me question my own choices.

Percy's bravery was unmatched, his willingness to risk everything for those he loved inspiring. Annabeth's intelligence and resourcefulness were astounding; she had a way of making you believe that anything was possible with enough perseverance.

But how could I betray them? How could I turn my back on their friendship and trust, knowing full well the consequences of such a decision?

The Price of Redemption

As Kronos' plans grew more sinister, so did our battles against him. Each encounter took its toll on us all - physically, mentally, emotionally. And as much as part of me reveled in the chaos we caused among the gods' ranks, another part yearned for something different – redemption.

It wasn't until Luke Castellan stood at the precipice between life and death that clarity finally washed over me like a cleansing tide: there is no true victory without sacrifice.

In that moment of truth, surrounded by Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase - friends who refused to give up on our shared history - I knew what needed to be done. With every ounce of strength left within me, I plunged Riptide into my own heart while freeing Percy from Kronos’ control.

A Bittersweet End

And so it ends here – not with triumph or glory but with sacrifice and regret mingling together in an agonizing embrace. My journey has been one marked by anger towards those who abandoned us demigods but also sparked by moments of compassion from unlikely sources.

I may have chosen wrongly along this treacherous path; yet redemption can still be found even within shattered dreams if we are willing to pay its price willingly.

To Percy Jackson, To Annabeth Chase, To Camp Half-Blood, I hope that you find it in your hearts to forgive me, for I was blinded by my own anger and pain. May this sacrifice be a reminder of the choices we make and the consequences they bear.


Luke Castellan