Note: This diary entry contains the thoughts and emotions of Luke Castellan, a character from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It is important to remember that this is a fictional piece and should not be taken as personal beliefs or opinions.


I never thought it would come to this. Betrayal, anger, resentment – these emotions have consumed me for far too long. But now I find myself torn between loyalties, caught in a web of deceit spun by my own hand.

The Gods' Abandonment

From the moment I learned about my demigod heritage, I felt an overwhelming sense of abandonment from those who were supposed to protect us - the gods themselves. They left my mother behind when she needed them most, leaving her brokenhearted and alone.

How could they expect me to trust them after witnessing their callous disregard for mortals? Their arrogance knows no bounds; they view humans as mere pawns in their divine games while claiming authority over our lives.

A Seed of Resentment

As time went on, that seed of resentment grew within me like ivy choking out all reason and compassion. Every slight against humanity fueled my anger further until it became an inferno raging inside me – consuming everything else until there was nothing left but bitterness.

I saw firsthand how easily they discarded their children when we no longer served their purposes or threatened their power. We were disposable toys meant to be used at will before being tossed aside without a second thought.

Kronos' Whisperings

It was during one such moment of despair that Kronos began whispering his poison into my ear – promises of revenge against those who had betrayed us both: Olympus itself. He offered power beyond measure if only I would join him in his quest for vengeance.

At first, I resisted his seductive words; aware deep down that accepting such dark powers would forever stain my soul. But the anger, the pain, and the overwhelming desire for justice clouded my judgment until I found myself standing at his side.

The Weight of Betrayal

Joining forces with Kronos was a decision that would forever haunt me. It meant betraying everything I once held dear – my friendships, my loyalties, and even myself. Yet in doing so, I believed I was fighting for something greater than any individual bond.

The weight of that betrayal became heavier with each passing day as Percy and our friends fought against us. Their determination to save what they saw as their home only served to deepen the conflict within me - torn between loyalty to them or loyalty to Kronos' cause.

Struggling With Loyalty

Every step we took towards overthrowing Olympus felt like an internal battle between reason and revenge; love versus hate; friendship versus power. And though some part of me recognized the darkness growing inside me, it seemed impossible to turn back now without facing punishment from both sides - gods who had abandoned us and titans seeking retribution.

Yet amidst all this chaos emerged moments where doubt seeped into every fiber of my being: those stolen fragments when Percy's words or Annabeth's unwavering trust pierced through defenses built on rage alone.

Could there be another way? Was redemption truly out of reach?

Luke's Sacrifice

In the end, it was these fleeting glimpses of goodness that led me down a path few could understand – sacrificing myself in order to stop Kronos once and for all. It wasn't about absolution or forgiveness; no amount of self-sacrifice could ever wash away what I had done.

But maybe by ending this cycle of vengeance fueled by anger over abandonment – by showing everyone else trapped in its grip that there is another choice beyond hatred – perhaps then some semblance of redemption could be found.

And so here I stand, at the precipice of my final act. The gods may never forgive me, and Percy and his friends may never truly understand the torment that consumed me. But in this moment, as I face down Kronos with everything I have left to give - all for a chance at redemption - maybe they will see that even someone as lost as I was can find their way back home.


This diary entry serves as a testament to the internal struggle faced by Luke Castellan – torn between loyalties, consumed by anger and resentment, but ultimately driven towards redemption. It is a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is always hope for change if we are willing to confront our own demons head-on.

Disclaimer: This diary entry reflects the fictional character's thoughts and emotions from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series.