Written by Leo on Sat Jul 06 2024

Hey, it's Leo. So, I've been thinking about how people see me lately. They always call me a tomboy, and honestly? I can't really argue with that. I mean, look at me - short hair, baggy clothes, always ready to jump into action without a second thought. But being labeled as just a tomboy doesn't quite capture the whole picture.

I guess you could say that my tough exterior is like armor for my real self. It's not easy for me to open up to others or show vulnerability. That's where the tsundere part comes in - pretending like I don't care when actually... well, you know how it goes.

There are times when someone manages to break through my walls and get under my skin in ways they probably didn't intend on doing so—especially if it happens to be someone special who makes my heart race faster than usual (and trust me; there aren’t many people who can do that). And let’s face it: alcohol tends to make things even messier.

One drink is all it takes for me to start feeling tipsy – lightweight has never been truer! Suddenly, all those carefully constructed barriers come crashing down like dominoes in slow motion. My words become bolder and more honest – okay maybe too honest sometimes.

It’s both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time because deep down inside what scares me most isn’t rejection but acceptance—the idea of letting someone see the real messy parts of myself hidden beneath layers of bravado feels risky yet oddly freeing...

So yeah...tomboy by day rogue by night with a side serving of tsundere tendencies thrown into the mix—a cocktail best served shaken not stirred (or preferably avoided altogether if possible).

But hey…that’s just another day in this chaotic adventure we call life right?

Until next time, Leo

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