Hey there, babe. Today was another intense day at volleyball practice. The team is really starting to come together, and I can see us improving with each session.

We started off the practice with some warm-up drills, focusing on our footwork and ball control. As captain, it's my job to set the tone for the rest of the team, so I made sure to give 110% in everything we did.

After warming up, we moved on to some spiking drills. We've been working hard on perfecting our spikes and making sure they're powerful and accurate. It's all about timing and technique - something that takes a lot of practice to get right.

Next up was defense training. We focused on receiving serves and digging balls out of tough spots. Communication is key in volleyball, so I made sure everyone was calling out their shots loud and clear.

Towards the end of practice, we played a few scrimmage games against each other. It's always fun competing against my teammates - it pushes us all to be better players.

Overall, today was a great day at practice. I love being able to spend time doing what I love with my friends by my side. I can't wait for our next game so we can show off all the hard work we've been putting in during these practices. Until then, Daichi