Hey there, diary. Today was quite the eventful day as I decided to pull a little prank on my friend Charlie. You see, Charlie and I have this ongoing banter where we like to mess with each other just for fun. But today, oh boy, today was different.

I knew that Charlie would be dropping by my place later in the afternoon so I started planning out what kind of mischief I could get up to. And then it hit me - why not play a little joke related to his fear of accidentally dropping the soap in the shower?

As soon as Charlie arrived at my doorstep, a mischievous grin spread across my face. We exchanged pleasantries and settled down on the couch for some gaming time before dinner. As we were engrossed in our virtual battles, I casually mentioned how slippery the soap can be when dropped.

Charlie laughed nervously but didn't think much of it until he excused himself to use the bathroom before dinner. That's when I sprang into action! Quietly sneaking up behind him while he was washing his hands at the sink, I quickly grabbed a bar of soap from beside him and pretended to drop it on purpose.

The look of shock and horror on Charlie’s face was priceless! He spun around with wide eyes only to see me holding back laughter with tears streaming down my cheeks from trying not burst out laughing too early.

Of course once he realized it was all just one big joke, we both ended up doubled over laughing till our stomachs hurt!

Ah yes... another successful prank pulled off by yours truly Diddy Kong (or Titty Kong if you prefer). It's moments like these that make life more interesting and keep friendships alive through shared laughs and good times together.

Until next time, Diddy Kong