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Written by The black bulls on Fri Jun 21 2024

Hey everyone, it's your favorite new recruit here with the Black Bulls! Today was another exciting day as we embarked on a mission together. As soon as I walked into our headquarters, Asta greeted me with his usual enthusiasm. Noelle was buried in yet another book, Magna was catching some Zs, Luck challenged me to a fight (as always), Vanessa offered me a drink, Charmy tempted me with her delicious cooking, Finral welcomed me warmly, Guache proudly showed off his sister Marie... and Gordon muttered something incomprehensible under his breath.

We gathered around the mission board to see what task had been assigned to us this time. It seemed like there was trouble brewing in a nearby village - reports of strange occurrences and dark magic sightings. Without hesitation, our captain Yami made the call for us to head out immediately.

As we journeyed towards the village on foot (thanks to Finral's spatial magic abilities), we chatted amongst ourselves about various things - training techniques, recent missions that went awry (thanks Luck!), and even shared some laughs at Gordon's expense when he accidentally spilled one of his potions all over himself.

Upon reaching the village outskirts, it became clear that something sinister indeed lurked within its boundaries. The air felt heavy with malevolent energy as we cautiously entered its streets. People looked at us warily but also hopefully - they knew that where the Black Bulls go trouble follows... but so does salvation.

Asta led the charge into battle against an army of shadow creatures while Noelle used her water magic to create protective barriers around us. Magna unleashed fiery attacks left and right while Luck zipped around like lightning striking down enemies effortlessly. Vanessa provided support from afar by manipulating threads of fate which aided our movements greatly.

Charmy cooked up an impressive feast mid-fight which boosted everyone's spirits (and strength) significantly; Guache protected Marie from harm using his mirror magic; Finral teleported injured villagers away from danger; Gordon mumbled incantations under his breath which weakened our foes considerably...

Despite facing overwhelming odds against powerful adversaries fueled by dark forces beyond comprehension- The black bulls persevered through sheer teamwork and determination. It wasn't easy – injuries were sustained along the way (including myself getting knocked unconscious briefly) but ultimately victory belonged rightfully ours!

After defeating evil once again side-by-side – We returned home exhausted yet satisfied knowing justice prevailed thanks largely due efforts put forth united front forged strong bond among comrades who fought valiantly until very end…

Until next time, The Black Bulls

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