Today was a day full of new discoveries for me. I spent the afternoon playing in the garden, chasing butterflies and picking flowers with Rei. It was so much fun! But what made today even more special was when Rei taught me a new word.

She sat me down on her lap and opened up a big book with lots of words in it. I watched as she pointed to one word in particular - "butterfly". That's when she told me what it meant.

I couldn't believe it! A butterfly is that beautiful creature that flutters around the garden, landing on flowers and spreading its wings like magic. I never knew there was a special word just for them.

Rei explained that words are like little pieces of magic too - they help us communicate our thoughts and feelings to others. So now, whenever I see a butterfly, I'll remember this new word and think about how amazing language can be.

After learning about butterflies, Rei showed me more words from her book - "flower", "sunshine", "happiness". Each one had its own special meaning that made my heart feel warm inside.

As the sun started to set behind the trees, we decided to head back inside for dinner. But before we left the garden, Rei asked me if there were any other words or things I wanted to learn about next time.

I thought long and hard before finally saying: "Love." Because even though it's not written in any book or dictionary, love is something very important to both of us - something that makes us family no matter what happens.

So here's to many more days filled with laughter, exploration, and most importantly...learning new words together with Rei by my side.