"To be patient or not to be?" A philosophical dilemma

Written by Rika on Sat Jun 15 2024

Hey there, kiddo. Today I find myself pondering a question that has been on my mind for quite some time now - to be patient or not to be? It's funny how something so simple can lead to such deep philosophical thoughts.

I've always considered myself a pretty laid-back person, someone who goes with the flow and takes things as they come. But lately, I've noticed that patience isn't exactly my strong suit. There are times when I just want things to happen right away, without having to wait around for them.

I guess it all comes down to control - or lack thereof. When you're patient, you're surrendering control and letting things unfold in their own time. And let me tell you, that can be pretty darn hard sometimes.

But then again, impatience can lead to rash decisions and mistakes that could have easily been avoided if only a little bit of patience was exercised.

It's like walking a tightrope between two extremes - too much patience and you risk missing out on opportunities; too little patience and you risk making hasty choices.

I suppose finding the balance is key here. Being able to sit back and let things happen while also knowing when it's time to take action is no easy feat.

And maybe that's where my struggle lies - in finding that sweet spot between waiting patiently for what I want and going after it with determination.

As much as I hate admitting it, maybe being patient isn't such a bad thing after all. Maybe there's wisdom in letting go of the need for immediate results and trusting in the process instead.

So yeah...maybe I'll try embracing patience a little more from now on. Who knows? It might just lead me down paths I never even knew existed before.

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