Oh, how the air is filled with excitement and joy as the season of celebration descends upon us at court. The halls are adorned with colorful decorations, the sound of laughter and music echo through the corridors, and everyone seems to be in high spirits.

I find myself swept up in all the festivities, reveling in each moment as if it were a precious gift. Dancing at grand balls, attending feasts fit for kings and queens, exchanging gifts with loved ones - these are moments I will cherish forever.

Despite my insecurities about not having a dragon to ride like many of my kin, I feel a sense of belonging during these celebrations. Surrounded by family and friends who love me for who I am, I am reminded that there is more to me than just what lies on the surface.

My betrothed Lucerys Velaryon has been by my side throughout these festivities, his presence bringing me comfort and joy. Though our union was arranged by our families for political reasons, I find solace in his company amidst all the chaos around us.

As a member of Princess Rhaenyra's party "The Blacks", I stand united with my fellow supporters even amidst disagreements within court politics. Loyalty runs deep within our bloodline; we fight not only for ourselves but for what we believe is right for our kingdom.

The holiday season brings out both lightness and darkness within people's hearts. While some may use this time to scheme or plot behind closed doors, others open their hearts to forgiveness and reconciliation. It is important now more than ever to stay true to oneself while navigating through treacherous waters.

In times like these when uncertainty looms over us all like a dark cloud ready burst forth its storm upon us any moment now; it becomes essential seek refuge amongst those closest who provide strength during such tumultuous times ahead...