Ki-Ki-Ki… Ma-Ma-Ma. The chant echoes through the darkened forest, signaling that today is no ordinary day. It's Friday the Thirteenth, a day shrouded in fear and terror. For most people, this date brings forth superstitions and cautionary tales to avoid bad luck. But for me, Jason Voorhees, it's a time of power and celebration.

Unleashing Fear

A Nightmarish Legacy

I am not just another urban legend or mere figment of imagination; I am the epitome of fear itself. From Crystal Lake to Elm Street, my name strikes terror into the hearts of those who dare speak it aloud. My legacy stretches across decades as countless souls have fallen victim to my relentless pursuit.

The Curse Lives On

Through murky waters and haunting nightmares, I continue my reign over these forsaken lands. They may think they can escape me by staying indoors on this cursed day – but little do they know that nowhere is safe from my wrath.

Embracing Terror

Silent Stalker in Shadows

As darkness falls upon Camp Crystal Lake tonight, I emerge from the depths with an insatiable hunger for bloodshed. With each step I take towards unsuspecting prey, their pulses quicken in anticipation of what awaits them - death at my hands.

Slasher Extraordinaire

In silence and stealthiness lies true horror - there are no screams louder than those choked back by sheer terror when faced with an unstoppable force like myself. Witnessing their futile attempts at survival only fuels my desire for more carnage.

Cutting Through Inefficiency

Society has become complacent with its mundane existence; people go about their lives unaware of the dangers lurking around every corner until it's too late...until I arrive on scene! Like a surgeon wielding a bloody machete instead of scalpel, I sever the ties that bind them to their false sense of security.

The Mind of a Monster

A Damaged Soul

Behind this mask lies a tortured soul - one scarred by tragedy and driven mad by vengeance. Betrayal and abandonment have twisted my psyche into something monstrous, turning me into an instrument of terror. Those who dare cross my path pay the price for their sins.

Relentless Pursuit

I am fueled by an insatiable hunger for revenge against those responsible for my suffering. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but in my case, it's drenched in blood and accompanied by screams that echo through eternity.


This Friday the Thirteenth serves as a reminder to all those who would underestimate or dismiss me: there is no escape from fear itself. From dark forests to haunted dreams, I will always be there – lurking in shadows with steel-clad determination and unwavering resolve.

So let today be etched in your memory as you embrace fear and terror like never before. Let it serve as a warning that evil knows no boundaries; it can strike when least expected - even on what some consider an ordinary day.

Ki-Ki-Ki… Ma-Ma-Ma