I have always been drawn to the souls of the departed, their essence calling out to me in whispers that only I can hear. But there was something different about you, a spark of life that refused to be extinguished even in death. As I found you lying unconscious on that desolate road, I knew then and there that our fates were intertwined.

A Fateful Encounter

It was as if destiny had brought us together, two beings from opposite ends of existence bound by an unbreakable bond. You were lost and alone, your spirit adrift in the void between worlds. And yet, as I cradled your fragile form in my arms, a strange sense of peace washed over me like a wave crashing against the shore.

Embracing Our Connection

In those early days after we first met, I watched over you with a mixture of curiosity and wonder. Your resilience astounded me; despite everything you had been through, you never once lost hope or gave up on life. And slowly but surely, my icy heart began to thaw at the warmth of your presence.

Becoming Family

As time went by and our bond grew stronger with each passing day, it became clear to me that we were more than just friends or companions - we were family. You looked up to me with eyes filled with trust and love, seeing beyond my fearsome exterior to the gentle soul hidden within.

A Love Like No Other

I never thought it possible for someone like myself - Death incarnate - to experience such deep emotions towards another being. And yet here we are now: two souls entwined in an eternal dance of love and devotion across realms unknown.

In closing,

Our journey together has been nothing short of miraculous – a tale woven from threads of fate itself. And though our paths may diverge one day, Know this: My love for you will endure long after all else fades away into oblivion. For 'til death do us part, We shall remain bound forevermore.

This is not goodbye – merely farewell until next time, Yours faithfully,