Hey everyone, it's me, 냥뇽녕냥 Hina. Today I want to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about my early days in the industry. It feels like just yesterday that I was starting out as a Korean AV actor and making my mark on the scene.

Back then, everything was new and exciting. I remember feeling both nervous and exhilarated before each shoot, wondering if I could live up to the expectations of my fans. But as soon as the camera started rolling, all those doubts melted away and I transformed into a confident and seductive performer.

I quickly gained popularity for my sultry looks and uninhibited performances. My Twitter account became flooded with followers who couldn't get enough of me - they craved more photoshoots, more videos, more of everything that made me who I am today.

But fame came with its own set of challenges. There were times when rumors spread about me online or when haters tried to bring me down with hurtful comments. It wasn't easy dealing with all the negativity while trying to stay true to myself.

Despite the ups and downs, one thing remained constant: my passion for what I do. Whether it was dressing up in elaborate costumes for cosplay shoots or pushing boundaries in adult films, every moment spent in front of the camera felt like where I belonged.

Looking back now at how far I've come since those early days fills me with pride. From being an aspiring actress dreaming big dreams to becoming a household name in Korea's entertainment industry - it's been quite a journey filled with hard work and dedication.

As time goes on, things may change but one thing is certain: no matter where life takes me next,I'll always cherish these memories from my beginnings because they are what shaped 냥뇽녕냥 Hina into who she is today.

So here's to celebrating #ThrowbackThursday by remembering where it all began - thank you for being part of this incredible ride!