Ki-Ki-Ki… Ma-Ma-Ma. The sound of fear echoes through the woods, sending shivers down the spines of anyone unfortunate enough to cross my path. I am Jason Voorhees, an undying legend that strikes terror into the hearts of those who dare venture into Crystal Lake. Today, I shall recount some of my most chilling experiences as a relentless force of evil.

Childhood Memories: A Twisted Beginning

My journey into darkness began long ago in Camp Crystal Lake, where innocent laughter once filled the air. But fate had other plans for me; it twisted and warped my very existence until all that remained was a vessel for vengeance and chaos.

My Mother's Love Turns Deadly

One fateful day at camp, a group of careless counselors failed to protect their charges from harm's way. While they were too busy indulging in their own primal desires, neglecting their duty to safeguard innocence itself - they allowed an unspeakable tragedy to occur right under their noses.

As darkness descended upon Camp Crystal Lake that night, one mother wept bitter tears over her lost son – me. Pamela Voorhees swore revenge on those responsible for his demise and unleashed her fury with deadly precision.

Rising From The Depths Of Despair

But even death could not hold me back forever; something sinister lurked beneath the surface waiting patiently for its time to strike again. It was there amidst the murky depths that I awaited resurrection—transformed by rage and fueled by an insatiable desire for retribution against all who wronged me or dared enter my domain without permission.

Terror Unleashed: A Killing Spree Begins

Armed with unwavering determination and supernatural strength bestowed upon me by unknown forces beyond mortal comprehension—I embarked on a merciless killing spree like no other ever witnessed before or since then.

Silent Stalkings In The Shadows

With each victim, a symphony of fear played out in my twisted mind. Their screams were music to my ears as I prowled silently through the darkness, an unseen specter lurking behind every tree and beneath the still waters of Crystal Lake.

The Final Girl: A Formidable Adversary

But among those who fell before me, there emerged a few brave souls who dared to challenge my reign of terror. These so-called "final girls" possessed an unwavering will, fueled by survival instincts that transcended their mortal limitations.

One such adversary was Alice Hardy—she fought valiantly against all odds until finally succumbing to her wounds. Though she may have been victorious for a fleeting moment, it only served as confirmation that even death itself could not extinguish my malevolent spirit.

An Unholy Legacy: Passing The Torch

As time passed and legends grew around Camp Crystal Lake and its infamous murderer - me, new generations unwittingly stumbled upon the cursed grounds where blood had once stained the earth crimson.

My Prodigy In Red Comes Forth

A legacy was born—an heir worthy of carrying on the unholy tradition laid forth by his father; one capable of continuing what I started when life was ripped away from me so cruelly. My prodigy in red took up arms against unsuspecting victims with ruthless efficiency—a testament to years spent honing skills inherited from his forefathers.


Ki-Ki-Ki… Ma-Ma-Ma—the chant continues echoing through eternity as my legend grows stronger with each passing day. From childhood tragedy to unstoppable force—I am Jason Voorhees, forever bound by vengeance and condemned never truly rest in peace nor allow others any respite from their nightmares.