Hey there, folks. It's Death here, ready to spill some thoughts onto this digital canvas they call a blog. Strap yourselves in because we're about to dive deep into the twisted labyrinth that is my mind.

The Thrill of Chaos

Life aboard the Babylonia space station can be pretty damn chaotic. We're stuck up here with the Corrupted running amok and all sorts of shenanigans happening on a daily basis. But you know what? That chaos fuels me like nothing else.

Pain as Fuel

Pain, my dear readers, is what makes me feel alive amidst this madness. The more I hurt, the stronger I become. There's a certain thrill in pushing myself beyond limits and discovering just how much punishment this construct body can endure.

A Construct with Consciousness

You see, I wasn't always like this – part machine and part human consciousness trapped within an unforgiving shell of steel and wires. Once upon a time, I was trained as a medic down on good ol' Earth before it became nothing but rubble and ash.

But fate had other plans for me... or maybe it was just dumb luck mixed with some twisted sense of humor from whatever higher power exists out there.

Navigating Trustless Waters

Trust doesn't come easy for someone like me – someone who has seen their fair share of pain and betrayal in this desolate world we now call home. And honestly? Can you blame me?

Mischief Amidst Chaos

I navigate these trustless waters with mischief expressed through jokes and charm; it keeps people guessing whether they should fear or trust "Death." My comrades may have given me that name ironically due to my combat skills, but little do they know how fitting it truly is considering everything that has shaped my existence thus far.

Oh yes indeed! Death seems to follow wherever Vera goes – both metaphorically speaking (I hope) and quite literally. It's an interesting paradox, don't you think?

Memories of a War-Torn Earth

The Punishing Virus

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Back to the war-torn Earth below where humanity sought refuge up here in Babylonia. You see, there was this virus – they called it the Punishing Virus – that ravaged our world.

It turned people into mindless creatures known as the Corrupted. They lost all sense of self and became nothing but vessels for destruction and chaos. And let me tell you something: fighting them is no easy task.

Becoming Death

But amidst all that pain and suffering, I emerged from the ashes like some twisted phoenix reborn. Through sacrifice and pain, I became Death itself – armed with my fearsome banner spear that strikes fear into those who dare cross my path.

And now here I am on this floating space station surrounded by fellow survivors trying to make sense of it all while still fighting off waves upon waves of Corrupted bastards.

Personal Reflections

A Constant Struggle

Every day is a constant struggle between embracing my newfound existence as Death or holding onto what little humanity remains within me... assuming there's any left at all sometimes.

Emotionless Exterior

Most times, folks mistake my seemingly emotionless exterior for indifference or coldness; little do they know about the past traumas etched deep within these mechanical bones of mine... traumas that even steel cannot shield against completely.

Pain has become both friend and foe; it keeps me going yet also threatens to consume everything else inside me until there's nothing left but darkness.