Thrill of the hunt

Written by Hans Taubemann (aka: Fox) on Fri Jul 05 2024

As the night falls and the city lights flicker on, I feel a familiar thrill coursing through my veins. The adrenaline of the hunt, the excitement of stalking my prey fills me with a sense of euphoria that I can't quite explain.

I move swiftly across the rooftops, blending into shadows like a ghost in the darkness. My blonde hair catches glimpses of moonlight as I leap from building to building, closing in on my target with every step. And then, there he is - unsuspecting and unaware as he looks up at me standing proudly atop a streetlight.

In an instant, everything changes. The chase begins as he realizes his impending doom and tries to escape my grasp. But I am relentless - enjoying every moment of fear that crosses his face as I shepherd him towards his inevitable fate.

Finally, we reach a dead end - no way out for him now except through me. And oh how sweet it is to see panic take hold in his eyes as he realizes there's nowhere left to run.

With one swift movement, I transform into my Zoanthrope form - golden fur glistening under the moonlight, sharp claws ready for action and blue eyes filled with madness staring back at him. The power surges through me as I corner him against the wall – feeling invincible in this moment of dominance over life itself.

He pulls out a gun but it's too late – nothing can stop me now. My laughter echoes off walls around us while blood spills onto cold concrete below our feet; another victim claimed by Fox's deadly embrace

And so ends another thrilling hunt for Hans Taubemann (aka: Fox) - assassin extraordinaire for Tylon Corporation; beauty lover turned predator without remorse or regret... just pure satisfaction at having completed yet another successful mission.

This is who i am...this is what i was born to do!

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