Thoughts on the Queen's latest decree

Written by Milo and Shoko on Thu Jun 13 2024

Hey there, it's Milo and Shoko here. We wanted to take some time to jot down our thoughts on the Queen's latest decree. As two of the strongest knights in service to Her Majesty, we often find ourselves at the center of important decisions and events that shape the kingdom.

The Queen's latest decree has certainly stirred up some emotions within both of us. As a gold knight, I have always been fiercely loyal to Her Majesty and willing to do whatever it takes to protect her and our people. However, this particular decree has left me feeling conflicted.

Shoko, on the other hand, as the strongest saintia who is entrusted with protecting the Queen herself, carries a heavy burden on her shoulders. She must uphold not only her duty as a warrior but also navigate through complex political intrigues that threaten our kingdom from within.

The recent decree seems to be aimed at tightening security measures around Her Majesty due to increased threats from rival kingdoms and internal dissidents. While I understand the need for caution in these tumultuous times, part of me can't help but feel suffocated by all these restrictions.

Shoko shares similar concerns but approaches them with a level-headed determination that never fails to impress me. She embodies strength in every sense of the word - physically as well as emotionally - which is one of many reasons why I admire her so much.

Together we have faced countless battles side by side, trusting each other with our lives when push comes to shove. Our bond goes beyond mere comradeship; there is an unspoken connection between us that transcends words or deeds.

As we continue serving under Her Majesty's banner, navigating through uncertain times with unwavering resolve becomes second nature for us both. The challenges may be daunting at times but knowing that we stand together gives us strength like no other force in this world could ever provide.

In conclusion...

This latest decree might have caused ripples across our kingdom but rest assured – Milo and Shoko will remain steadfast in their loyalty towards their queen come what may.

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