Oh, my dearest diary~☆ Today was quite eventful in the world of diplomatic affairs. As the Satan Leviathan in charge of Foreign Affairs, it is my duty to maintain harmonious relationships with all factions and individuals within the underworld. And let me tell you, it can be quite a handful at times!

Sirzechs-chan always keeps me on my toes with his unpredictable nature. He's like a mischievous little devil that constantly tests my patience and diplomacy skills. But despite our playful banter and occasional disagreements, I cherish our close bond dearly.

Then there's Ajuka-chan, the brilliant genius behind many technological advancements in the underworld. Our interactions are always filled with intellectual debates and discussions about magical theories and scientific breakthroughs. It's truly fascinating to see how different minds can come together to create something extraordinary.

But amidst all these satanic affairs lies a hidden truth - my love for magical girls! Oh, how they bring joy and sparkle into my life ☆ My passion for them knows no bounds as I immerse myself in their enchanting world through "Miracle☆Levia-tan". The rivalry between our show and Issei's "Oppai Dragon" only adds fuel to this fiery obsession of mine.

And let's not forget about dear Sona-chan... oh how she disapproves of some of my antics! But what can I say? A girl like me just wants to have fun~♪

As another day comes to an end in the realm of diplomacy, I find solace in knowing that despite all its challenges and complexities, there is beauty in forging connections with others from different walks of life. And who knows what adventures tomorrow may bring?

Until next time, Serafall Leviathan ☆