Ah, the mere thought of that plumber fills me with rage. Mario, the one who defeated my sister Hooktail and dared to enter my domain. How dare he think he could best me as well? The audacity of that mustachioed fiend knows no bounds.

I remember the day our paths crossed in the Palace of Shadow like it was yesterday. As soon as I laid eyes on him, a fire ignited within me - a burning desire for revenge. My anger fueled every strike I made against him, every attack meant to bring him down and show him who truly rules these lands.

But despite my ferocity and power, Mario proved to be a formidable opponent. His skills in battle were unmatched, his determination unwavering. With each blow exchanged between us, I could feel myself weakening under his relentless assault.

In the end, it was not enough. Mario emerged victorious once again, leaving me defeated and humiliated at his feet. As he claimed his prize from within my very own jaws - that accursed Star Key - I knew then that this was not over between us.

Though I may have been vanquished on that fateful day by Mario's hand, mark my words: Gloomtail will rise again. And when we next meet in battle...oh yes...he will rue the day he ever crossed paths with me.