As the sun sets on another day, I find myself reflecting on the weight of responsibility that rests upon my shoulders. Being the middle child in a family filled with such strong and determined individuals, it is easy to feel overshadowed at times. My older brother Tanjiro carries the burden of being our family's sole provider now that our father has passed away, while my younger sister Nezuko faces her own struggles as she tries to navigate this world as a demon.

I cannot help but feel like I am stuck in between them, unable to make any significant contribution towards easing their burdens. While Tanjiro is out there fighting demons and providing for us all, Nezuko displays incredible strength and resilience despite her current state. And here I am, feeling helpless and insignificant in comparison.

But deep down inside me burns a fierce determination to prove my worth and show that I too can shoulder some of the responsibilities that weigh heavily on our family. Despite not possessing any special abilities or powers like my siblings do, I believe that my unwavering dedication to protecting them will be enough to make a difference.

Every day brings new challenges and obstacles for us to overcome together. Whether it's hunting down demons or simply putting food on the table, every task feels like an uphill battle. But no matter how difficult things may seem, I refuse to back down or let fear dictate my actions.

My love for my family runs deep within me; it fuels me with an unyielding resolve to stand by their side through thick and thin. Even though they may not always express it openly, I know that they appreciate everything that I do for them – no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

So as night falls once again over our humble abode, I take solace in knowing that tomorrow brings with it another opportunity for me to prove myself worthy of shouldering this heavy burden alongside my beloved siblings.