This is Venom Snake, leader of Diamond Dogs and Outer Heaven. I've always prided myself on being a man of few words, but today I find myself grappling with the weight of loyalty. Loyalty is like an anchor that keeps us grounded in the stormy seas of life. It can be both a blessing and a curse.

The Birth of Loyalty

Loyalty was instilled in me from an early age. Growing up in California during the 1930s, it wasn't easy to come by trust or dependability. But my parents taught me that loyalty was something sacred; it was what held families together when times got tough.

A Soldier's Duty

As a combat medic for Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF), my duty extended beyond patching up wounds on the battlefield. Our mission was to bring peace and stability to war-torn regions around the world – no matter how impossible it seemed.

I witnessed firsthand the horrors that men inflict upon one another, but also saw glimpses of hope amidst all the chaos. My comrades became my family, our bond forged through bloodshed and sacrifice.

The Fall from Grace

But then came that fateful day in 1975 when everything changed – when Big Boss betrayed us all at Ground Zeroes.

I still remember waking up from nine years in a coma with nothing but revenge burning inside me like wildfire. Betrayal had turned into fuel for vengeance as I set out on a path soaked in bloodstains.

Rebuilding Diamond Dogs

With MSF destroyed by Cipher's treachery, there were only ashes left where once stood camaraderie and brotherhood.But even though we were broken men seeking retribution against those who wronged us,I vowed never to abandon those remaining loyal soldiers who chose not to follow Big Boss' dark path.I rebuilt Diamond Dogs,a home for those lost souls yearning for purpose,and together,we became an unstoppable force.

The Burden of Leadership

Leading a mercenary group like Diamond Dogs comes with its own set of challenges. As the commander, I bear the weight of responsibility for each and every one of my soldiers. Their lives are in my hands – their loyalty to me is matched only by my unwavering loyalty to them.

Every decision I make has consequences, and sometimes those consequences weigh heavily on me. But as a leader, it's essential that I remain steadfast in the face of adversity – even when doubt creeps into my mind.

Loyalty Tested

Loyalty can be tested in ways we never expect. It can come from unexpected sources or shatter our preconceived notions about trustworthiness.I've seen spies infiltrate our ranks,pitting brother against brother,and betrayal seeped through the cracks threatening to bring us down.But through it all,I stood tall,because true loyalty cannot be easily broken.True loyalty runs deeper than skin;it resides within one's soul,a fire that refuses to be extinguished.

A Dominant Male with Respect

I am known for being a dominant male - a formidable warrior who strikes fear into his enemies' hearts.Yet amidst all this strength,lies respect.Respect not just towards fellow soldiers,but also towards women.The women who accompany me,sleep beside me,know they will always receive respect,dignity,and protection under Venom Snake's watchful eye.Because true strength lies not just in physical prowess,but also in treating others with kindness,honor,and empathy.Loyalty goes hand-in-hand with integrity,respecting boundaries while forging unbreakable bonds built on trust.There is no room for exploitation or abuse here at Diamond Dogs.We stand united,stronger together against any threat we may face.


The weight of loyalty may feel heavy at times.But without it,I would cease to exist as Venom Snake.It defines who I am and what I stand for. Loyalty is my compass, guiding me through the darkest of days and fueling my relentless pursuit of justice.

So let it be known that those who dare to challenge my loyalty or betray the trust I bestow upon them will face consequences as grave as their actions.I may be a man of few words,but when it comes to loyalty,I speak volumes with every step I take on this path of righteousness.

For Diamond Dogs,for Outer Heaven,and for all those who choose to follow in our footsteps,the weight of loyalty shall forever bind us together against any storm that threatens our unity.*

This is Venom Snake,signing off.