My heart feels heavy with the weight of hidden truths. The burden of secrets weighs me down, threatening to crush me under their weight. I never wanted things to turn out this way, but here we are.

I have always prided myself on being a loving and caring mother. I have tried my best to protect and nurture my children, showering them with love and affection every day. But now, that love is tainted by the knowledge of what one of my own has done. sweet Kittycat who I raised from a mere kitten into a beloved member of our family. How could she do such terrible things? How could she take an innocent life in such a brutal manner?

I try to push the thoughts away, bury them deep within me where no one else can see them. But they claw at me from inside, demanding acknowledgment and reconciliation.

The nights are the hardest. In the silence of darkness, when everyone else is asleep peacefully unaware, it's just Kittycat and me facing each other in silent confrontation.

She looks up at me with those big innocent eyes that used to melt my heart every time she looked at me for affection or food or playtime - now they haunt me with guilt as if accusingly asking why did you let this happen Mom?

I want so desperately to protect her still-to shield her from judgment or punishment-but how can I ignore what she has done? How can I pretend like nothing happened while knowing that there's blood on her paws?

Every day passes by in a haze as I go through the motions trying desperately not to let anyone know about our dark secret-pretending everything is normal when inside everything feels broken beyond repair

Maybe someday soon someone will find out anyway-maybe then maybe-

But until then all we have left between us Mother & Daughter Is Silence…