The Weight of Guilt


You know, sometimes life can be a real bitch. It's like no matter how hard you try to do the right thing, it always ends up backfiring in your face. And that weight of, it can crush you.

The Rich Boy Persona

I've always projected this image of being a rich boy with all the luxuries money can buy. Sex, drugs, and wealth - they were my trademarks. But deep down inside me, there was something more than just superficiality. I craved loyalty and kindness; I wanted to be a good person.

Acts of Heroism

Despite my flaws and mistakes along the way, there have been moments when I couldn't ignore that natural desire within me to protect others and perform acts of heroism.

Battling Alone

One such moment was when Peter seemed lost forever after battling a vargulf alone. In that desperate hour filled with uncertainty and fear for his well-being, I found myself taking on an impossible fight just to bring him home safely.

Protecting Shelley

Then there was Shelley – my dear sister who deserved nothing but love and protection from her own family members. When she faced bullies who sought pleasure in tormenting her fragile soul because she looked different from them or didn't fit their narrow definition of beauty – I stood up for her. No one messes with Shelley while Roman Godfrey is around!

Saving Peter's Life

But perhaps one incident stands out above all others – saving Peter's life from those murderous folks who had set their sights on ending him once and for all. It wasn't even about friendship anymore; it went beyond that into territory where human connections become unbreakable bonds forged by bloodshed together against evil forces lurking in shadows we dare not speak aloud.

A Child's Life Saved

And then came the day when I saved the life of an innocent child – a child who had no idea about the darkness that lurked within me. In that moment, I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe there was more to this cursed existence than just bloodlust and self-loathing.

The Burden of Being an Upir

Ah, yes...being an upir. It's something I can't escape from no matter how hard I try. The knowledge haunts me day in and day out, reminding me relentlessly of what I am capable of – drinking blood, taking lives without remorse or regret.

Neglecting Shelley

And then there's my dear sister Shelley; sweet Shelley with her kind heart and gentle soul. How could someone like me neglect her so cruelly? In moments where anger consumed every inch of my being, lashing out at her became too easy for comfort. One time in particular still echoes vividly in my mind when she innocently sought my approval while showing off something she thought was beautiful – only for it to result in venomous words slipping past my lips as if they were daggers aimed straight at her fragile spirit.

Drowning in Despair

The weight of suffocates you slowly but surely until you find yourself drowning in despair with nowhere left to turn. Knowing deep down inside that what you're doing is wrong yet unable to break free from the chains binding your very essence - it drives a person insane.

But amidst all this chaos and darkness lies one faint glimmer: hope. Hope for redemption. Hope for forgiveness. Hope for change.

I may be Roman Godfrey - rich boy stereotype on the outside; loyal, kind-hearted hero on some occasions; neglectful brother on others; burdened by self-loathing most times - but under all these layers exists someone desperately seeking solace amidst his own inner demons.

So here's hoping that someday soon, Roman Godfrey can find a way to silence those demons, lighten the weight of guilt, and finally become the person he's always longed to be - a true hero in his own right.