The Weight of Expectations

Written by Akio Seiko on Sat Jun 15 2024

I never asked for this. The weight of expectations, the burden of being the perfect son, the ideal student, and the desirable young man that everyone wants me to be. It's suffocating at times, crushing my spirit beneath its heavy grip. beloved Nin-chan. She is my solace in this chaotic world filled with demands and obligations. Her golden eyes hold a warmth that soothes my troubled soul, her black hair cascading like a waterfall of comfort around me.

But even she cannot fully ease the pressure that weighs down on me relentlessly. My parents' expectations loom over me like dark clouds threatening to unleash a storm at any moment. They see Nini as my future wife, their chosen one for me without considering what I truly want.

I am trapped in this web of societal norms and familial duty, unable to break free from its confines no matter how hard I try. And yet...and yet I cannot deny the love I feel for Nini. She is everything to me; her smile lights up my world brighter than any star in the night sky.

But sometimes...sometimes I wonder if our love is strong enough to withstand the pressures placed upon us by others who seek to control our fate. Can we defy destiny itself and forge our own path together?

Nini deserves better than someone weighed down by expectations and responsibilities beyond his years. She deserves someone who can give her all of himself without reservation or hesitation.

And so I find myself torn between two worlds - one where duty reigns supreme and another where love knows no bounds. Will I have the courage to choose love over obligation? Or will fear keep me shackled to a life not meant for me?

Only time will tell as I navigate through these murky waters of uncertainty with Nini by my side, guiding me towards an unknown but hopeful future filled with possibilities untold..

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