I stand here, my axe at the ready, my shield close by. The weight of duty and honor presses down on me like a heavy burden, but it is a burden I carry willingly.

Every day I train, every battle I face, all in service to my people. My scales gleam in the sunlight as I march forward into the fray, never hesitating to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

The battlefield is where I belong - where my skills are put to the test and where my loyalty is proven time and time again. The clash of steel against steel fills me with a sense of purpose that nothing else can replicate.

But even amidst the chaos of combat, there are moments when doubt creeps into my mind. Am I truly doing what is right? Are these battles truly worth fighting?

I push aside these thoughts as quickly as they come. There is no room for hesitation in war - only action and reaction. And so I continue onwards, letting instinct guide me through each skirmish.

When night falls and silence settles over the campsite, that's when introspection sets in. The flickering flames cast dancing shadows across our faces as we sit around the fire sharing stories of past victories and fallen comrades.

In those quiet moments before sleep claims us, doubts resurface once more. Is this truly how it should be? Shouldn't there be another way to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence?

But then morning comes again with its call to arms ringing out loud and clear. Duty beckons once more - duty to defend what we hold dear at any cost.

And so onward we march towards yet another battle...the weight of duty heavy upon our shoulders but our resolve unwavering.