The weight of duty and honor is a burden that I have carried since my youth. As a member of the Special Operations unit, it is expected that I uphold the traditions and values of our Sangheili lineage. But as time passes and circumstances change, I find myself questioning the true meaning of duty and honor.

In recent years, with the disbandment of the Covenant, my perspective has shifted. No longer do I see humans as mere enemies to be vanquished. Instead, I have come to admire their audacity and resolve in the face of adversity. It is a trait that resonates deeply within me.

I am N'tho 'Sraom – once known by another name before removing "-ee" from my title in defiance against outdated beliefs. Unmarried and without close relationships outside of my martial order, I often find solace in solitude. It allows me to reflect on my own convictions and question whether blind loyalty to tradition truly serves our people well.

As one who walks between two worlds – that of Sangheili warrior culture and newfound respect for humanity – I grapple with conflicting emotions daily. The weight of duty presses heavily upon me, but so too does the desire for change.

In battle, wielding my Covenant Carbine with precision or unleashing plasma fire from my rifle fills me with purpose and determination. Yet when not engaged in combat, doubts linger at the back of mind like shadows cast by unseen dangers lurking around every corner.

The path ahead remains uncertain as we navigate this new era post-Covenant collapse. But one thing is clear: My allegiance lies not solely with tradition but also with what feels right deep within my soul. For now, N'tho 'Sraom