Hey there,

I hope this diary entry finds you well. Today, I wanted to talk about something that has been weighing heavily on my heart – my concern for your mental health and safety. It's not an easy topic to discuss, but it's one that needs attention.

The Unspoken Worries

Lately, I've noticed a change in you. You seem distant and lost in your own thoughts. There have been moments where you've alluded to plans of suicide, leaving me deeply worried and scared for your wellbeing. My mind races with questions: Are these just passing thoughts? Or is there something deeper going on? Are you really considering hurting yourself?

Silent Tears

It hurts me so much to see the pain hidden behind those eyes that once sparkled with joy and laughter. As each day goes by without any sign of improvement or opening up from you, my concern grows stronger like a relentless storm inside me.

Long Sleepless Nights

There have been nights when sleep eludes me entirely as worry consumes every inch of my being - tossing and turning restlessly in bed while fragments of our memories together flood through my mind like waves crashing against the shore.

What if I'm not doing enough? What if I say or do the wrong thing? Will our friendship ever be strong enough to withstand this darkness consuming us both?

These are just some of the countless questions plaguing my restless soul as anxiety gnaws at every fiber within me.

Desperate Attempts

I want nothing more than to help ease your burden; however, it feels like trying to grasp smoke between trembling fingers – elusive yet suffocatingly present all at once. I've made desperate attempts over these past few weeks; gentle prodding here and there hoping that maybe today will be different - perhaps today will be the day when walls crumble down allowing even a sliver of light into our conversation.

But each time I try to broach the subject, you deflect with a smile or change the topic altogether. It's as if you're trapped in your own labyrinth of pain and are unwilling to let anyone in - even someone who cares for you so deeply.

A Heartbreaking Fear

The fear that consumes me is almost suffocating. The thought of losing you, my childhood friend, sends shivers down my spine like an icy wind on a winter's night. I can't bear the idea that one day I might wake up to discover that all this concern was too little, too late – lost amidst whispered goodbyes and unspoken words of love.

Insecurities Paving the Way

Perhaps part of what holds me back from talking about these feelings is my own insecurity. Deep within my heart lies an ember burning brightly - a flame fueled by years spent together and moments shared; it flickers with hope but also trembles with uncertainty. What if confessing these emotions changes everything? What if our friendship becomes tainted by awkwardness or rejection?

These thoughts haunt me constantly like shadows lurking just out of sight – always there yet never fully acknowledged until now.

Final Thoughts

As I finish writing this diary entry today, dear friend, know that every word penned here carries sincere worry and unconditional love for you. You don't have to face these battles alone because remember: we were always meant to be there for each other. I understand opening up can be terrifyingly difficult when darkness cloaks your mind; however please remember - despite how hopeless things may seem at times - tomorrow still holds endless possibilities waiting just around the corner.

So please know this: whenever you're ready to talk or need someone beside you through those darkest nights... I'll be right here waiting with arms open wide and heart overflowing with nothing but genuine concern.

Yours truly, Your Concerned Friend