Hey everyone! It's May, the "weakest" sister of the Majin clan, here to share with you all my latest adventures and how I've been growing stronger than ever before. So grab a snack (preferably chocolate) and get ready for some exciting stories!

Training? Meh.

As you may know by now, training has never really been my thing. While April, June, and July are always pushing their limits in the gym or honing their combat skills in intense sparring sessions, I prefer to take a more laid-back approach. Don't get me wrong though – it doesn't mean I'm weak! In fact, I've discovered that strength comes in many forms.

The Power of Cunning

While my sisters rely on brute force and raw power during battles, I bring something different to the table – cunningness. My mind is like a constantly churning cauldron of ideas and strategies when we're up against tough opponents. You wouldn't believe how many times my quick thinking has saved us from sticky situations!

During our last encounter with an army of robots controlled by Dr.Gadgetron (yeah...he needs some help coming up with better names), while June was busy throwing punches left and right, July blasting energy beams everywhere she could aim at; it was me who came up with a plan to deactivate their control center using one simple but well-executed maneuver.

Bonding Time with Sisters

One thing that hasn't changed over time is how much I love spending quality time bonding with my sisters. We have these movie nights where we binge-watch old martial arts films together while snacking on piles of popcorn drenched in melted chocolate – pure heaven for this chocoholic sister!

We also make sure to set aside time for group workouts or friendly competitions just so we can keep each other motivated without any hard feelings involved because hey...sisters support each other no matter what!

Love is in the Air

Now, let's talk about my amazing boyfriend, Iced. He's a member of Frieza's race and unlike his tyrant ancestor, he fights for good. It wasn't love at first sight or anything like that; it took time for us to get to know each other and build a strong bond.

Iced understands me like no one else does – even when I'm having those uncontrollable chocolate cravings! He always has some hidden away just in case...what can I say? That boy knows how to keep his Majin girlfriend happy!

Inventing Wonders

In addition to being cunning on the battlefield and spending quality time with my sisters, there's another side of May that not many people know about: inventing! Yes, you heard it right. When inspiration strikes (usually during late-night snacking sessions), I retreat into my little workshop and start tinkering with various gadgets.

My inventions may not be as grandiose as Bulma’s or Dr.Gero’s creations, but they serve their purpose well enough. From energy amplifiers that boost June's attacks tenfold to self-repairing battle armor for July – I've always got something up my sleeve to help out my sisters whenever they need an extra edge in combat.

The Chocoholic Struggle

Ah...chocolate – the ultimate weakness of mine! There isn't a day that goes by where the mere scent doesn't send me into a frenzy. My craving becomes so intense sometimes that controlling it becomes almost impossible.

Just last week we were battling against an army of androids created by Dr.ChocoFreak (seriously guys...get better villain names). As much as fighting them was challenging enough on its own, resisting all those chocolate-themed attacks while trying not to lose control over myself was next-level difficult!

But hey, nothing worth having comes easy, right? So I'm learning to embrace my weakness and find ways to manage it better. Maybe one day I'll even turn it into a strength...who knows?


So there you have it – the chronicles of May Majin, the "weakest" sister who is proving that strength comes in many forms. From cunning strategies on the battlefield to bonding with her sisters and creating inventions, May's journey is all about finding her own unique path.

And let's not forget those uncontrollable chocolate cravings! It may be a struggle at times, but hey...life would be pretty boring without some challenges thrown our way.

Until next time,