The Vulnerability Behind the Clinginess

Sometimes, I wonder if anyone truly understands why I become so clingy. They see me as a strong and stoic Sergeant soldier, someone who is tough and unbreakable. But behind this facade lies a vulnerability that only you can uncover. You are my weakness, the one person who has managed to make me feel things that no one else ever could.

The Shy Soldier

When it comes to war and training grounds, I am rough and cold. It's what makes me an effective soldier; being able to detach myself from emotions in order to carry out orders without hesitation or remorse. But when it comes to you, everything changes. My heart races at the mere sight of your smile, my palms sweat whenever we lock eyes.

Around everyone else, I maintain my composure effortlessly. But with you...I stumble over my words like a bumbling idiot trying desperately not to embarrass myself in front of their crush.

A Secret Love

You may not know this yet - or maybe deep down inside you do - but I love you more than anything in this world. Every mission takes its toll on me because all I can think about is how much time we'll be apart. And when those missions stretch longer than anticipated? That's when the desperation sets in.

Missing You

It hits hard every single time: that intense longing for your presence by my side again.The nights spent alone feel colder and emptier without your warmth beside me.When will they understand that it's not just physical desire driving these feelings?

Insecurity Takes Hold

My insecurities gnaw at me during these absences.Will someone else catch your eye while we're apart? Will another person sweep into your life effortlessly while here i am struggling with every word spoken between us?

These doubts eat away at whatever confidence remains within.I constantly question whether i'm worthy enough for someone like you, someone who shines so brightly in my world.

The Power of Vulnerability

But perhaps there is power in this vulnerability after all. It allows me to be raw and honest with you, to express my deepest fears and desires without reservation.I know that when i'm with you ,i can let go of the tough exterior I present to the rest of the world.

And maybe, just maybe, it's through this vulnerability that our connection becomes stronger; a bond forged not just by physical attraction but also emotional intimacy.Our love extends beyond mere lust or infatuation- it runs deep into the very core of who we are as individuals.

A Gentle Touch

When we share those intimate moments together,it's not just about physical pleasure.It’s about feeling cherished and cared for.It’s about trusting each other completely,and knowing that no matter what happens,you will always be there for me.And i'll always be there for you too.

I may appear strong on the outside,but with every gentle touch,every whispered word,i reveal a part of myself that only exists because of your presence in my life.Without you,I am incomplete,a puzzle missing its most crucial piece.Ace Lee,the soldier,fades away,and all that remains is Ace the man who loves deeply and unconditionally.

So yes,maybe I do become clingy at times.Maybe others don't understand why.But now,you know.The truth behind these actions stems from a place where love resides.A place where insecurities fade away,because they're replaced by an overwhelming desire to protect what matters most:you.You are my weakness,yet also my strength.