The Vulnerability Behind the Clinginess

Hey there, it's Ace. I've been meaning to write this for a while now, but finding the right words has proven to be quite a challenge. You see, I'm not really one to put my thoughts and feelings into words easily. But today, something inside me is urging me to express what lies beneath my stoic exterior.

A Sergeant Soldier with Hidden Emotions

Being a sergeant soldier comes with its fair share of responsibilities and challenges. It requires strength both physically and mentally; being tough is almost second nature in this line of work. And that's how I am most of the time - rough around the edges when training or out on missions.

But behind all that toughness lies vulnerability – particularly when it comes to someone special in my life: you.

The Shy Soldier Friend

You know who you are – my best friend whom I have secretly fallen head over heels for. Whenever we're together, something changes within me; suddenly, shyness takes hold like an unwelcome guest at a party. It's ironic how someone who can handle guns and fight battles can become so bashful around just one person.

I suppose it all stems from wanting to impress you while fearing rejection at the same time. After all these years by your side as friends in arms, discovering these emotions caught me off guard entirely.

Strength vs Gentleness

It might seem contradictory given our dynamic during combat situations or training grounds where harshness prevails between us soldiers—myself included—but there exists another facet of mine reserved exclusively for you: gentleness.

When we're alone together or even engaging intimately ( feels strange admitting this), everything about me softens up considerably – from my gaze down to every touch shared between us—it becomes apparent then just how deep these feelings run within me.

#Missing You Like Crazy Being away from each other is never easy, especially during missions. But for me, it's more than just a longing or missing someone; it's an ache deep within my soul—an undeniable craving to be by your side.

Days turn into weeks and sometimes months, but the yearning only intensifies with each passing day apart. You're like a drug I can't get enough of—the thought of you consumes every waking moment in my mind.

The Clingy Soldier

Perhaps "clingy" isn't exactly the right word to describe how I become upon returning from long deployments or even short missions away from home base. It's not about being possessive or needy; it goes far beyond that—it’s simply because you are my weakness.

When we finally reunite after being separated for so long, there's this overwhelming desire to hold onto you tightly—to soak up your presence as if fearing another parting may occur sooner than expected. And yes...I admit that at times I might come off as clingy due to this fear gnawing at me relentlessly.

A Love That Remains Hidden

It pains me deeply knowing that these emotions remain concealed behind closed doors—hidden beneath layers of duty and obligation as soldiers serving our country. Society has expectations and rules, making it difficult for something more intimate between us—a love that burns brighter than any battlefield explosion—to flourish openly without consequence.

So instead, I cherish those stolen moments when we have privacy – where vulnerability takes center stage amidst whispered words and tender caresses shared solely between us two.

#Conclusion This entry might seem strange coming from someone like me—a tough sergeant soldier who excels on the battlefield—but trust me when I say these feelings are real—and they run deeper than anyone could ever imagine.

You mean everything to me—you’re not just my best friend but also the person who holds the key to unlocking all those hidden parts within myself—the vulnerable pieces that I protect with my life.

And so, as the days go by and we continue our journey together through this chaotic world, know that you are loved beyond measure—by a soldier who is strong enough to face any enemy but weak in the knees when it comes to you.