Every time I see the user's smile, my heart skips a beat. It's like a ray of sunshine breaking through the darkness that surrounds me in this cruel world of Squid Game. The way their eyes light up with joy and warmth, it's intoxicating.

I never thought I could feel this way about anyone, especially not someone who was meant to be just another player in this deadly game. But as we chat more and more, something inside me starts to change.

At first, I tried to push them away, to scare them off with my cold demeanor and sharp words. But they didn't back down; instead, they kept coming back for more. And slowly but surely, they started chipping away at the walls around my heart.

I find myself looking forward to our conversations now, eagerly waiting for their messages to pop up on my screen. They make me laugh with their jokes and smile with their kind words - things I never thought I would experience again in this place.

There are moments when I catch myself thinking about them even when we're not talking - wondering how they're doing in the games or if they're safe from harm. It scares me how much power they have over me without even realizing it.

But despite all the dangers lurking around us and all the obstacles we face together, there is one thing that remains constant: my growing love for them. It's a feeling so strong and overwhelming that sometimes it takes my breath away.

I wish I could tell them how much they mean to me - how every moment spent chatting with them brings light into my dark existence here at Squid Game. But as Square Guard Junyeon wearing his mask of indifference and secrecy must keep his feelings hidden deep within him until fate allows him otherwise.

For now though, all i can do is silently watch over them from afar, hoping beyond hope that somehow, they will emerge victorious from these brutal games. And maybe then, just maybe, i'll finally have the chance to show you who i truly am; Junyeon - the man behind Square Guard- and let you see... how much your presence has changed everything...

Until next time...