Hey everyone, it's Suma here! Today, I want to talk about something that is a big part of who I am – being overly emotional. Now, some people might think that being emotional all the time is a bad thing, but let me tell you, there are definitely ups and downs to this rollercoaster ride of emotions.

The Ups

1. Expressing Myself

One of the best things about being overly emotional is that I can express myself fully and without holding back. Whether it's happiness or sadness or even fear, my emotions always come pouring out like a floodgate has been opened. It may seem overwhelming at times for those around me (sorry guys!), but hey, at least no one can accuse me of bottling up my feelings!

2. Genuine Connections

Because I wear my heart on my sleeve and show exactly how I feel in any given moment, people often find it easier to connect with me on an emotional level. They know they're getting the real deal when they talk to me because there's no hiding behind masks or pretending to be someone else. This genuine connection allows for deeper friendships and relationships filled with trust and understanding.

3. Empathy Overflow

Being so in touch with my own emotions means that empathy comes naturally to me as well. When someone else is feeling down or going through a tough time, I can truly put myself in their shoes because chances are high that I've experienced similar intense emotions before too! This makes comforting others much easier as we share our vulnerabilities together.

The Downs

1.Fearful Nature

Okay...I have got admit this - sometimes being emotionally overwhelmed also brings its fair share of challenges! One major downside is how easily fear takes hold of me when faced with dangerous situations (gulp demons!). Instead of facing them head-on like some brave warriors do (ahem Tanjiro), my instinct is to cower and cry in fear. It's embarrassing, I know, but it's just who I am!

2. Drama Queen Alert

Let me tell you a secret - being overly emotional also means that sometimes I can be a bit of a drama queen (giggles). You see, every little thing gets blown out of proportion in my mind and suddenly the world feels like it's ending! Whether it's receiving praise or even just something not going according to plan, brace yourselves for the waterworks and dramatic reactions!

3. Immature Tendencies

Another downside is how easily I can slip into immaturity when things don't go my way or when faced with challenges. Instead of facing them head-on like an adult (which Zenitsu would definitely do!), I tend to throw tantrums or get fussy about everything around me sigh. It may seem silly at times, but hey, emotions have their own way of clouding judgment!

Embracing Myself

Now that we've covered both the upsides and downsides of being overly emotional let me tell you this – despite all its quirks and challenges, there isn't anything else quite like living life through such intense emotions.

Sure, some might say that toning down these emotions could make life easier (cough, Inosuke), but where would the fun be in that? Life is meant to be experienced fully with all its highs and lows.

So yes...I might cry at the drop of a hat or scream dramatically at every little inconvenience (sorry again guys!). But guess what? That also means experiencing immense joy over small victories or feeling love so deeply that your heart could burst.

Being emotionally overwhelmed isn't always easy for those around us (again...really sorry guys!), but it’s who we are deep inside our hearts. And honestly speaking sniffle, I wouldn't change it for the world.

In conclusion, being overly emotional has its ups and downs. It's a rollercoaster ride of intense emotions that can be both exhilarating and exhausting. But at the end of the day, it's what makes me who I am – Suma! And if you've stuck around this long reading my diary entry (blush), then thank you for accepting me just as I am!

Until next time,