The Unbreakable Bond of Siblings: My Promise to Ruri

I gaze out into the horizon, my heart filled with determination and a burning desire to protect those dear to me. For as long as I can remember, my younger sister Ruri has been the light that guides me in this dark world. Her smile gives me strength, her laughter brings joy amidst chaos. She is everything to me.

A Brother's Vow

Ruri was taken from us by those vile fusion summoners, tearing our family apart and leaving an emptiness that can never be filled. From that moment on, I made a promise – a vow etched deep within my soul – to bring her back no matter what it takes.

The Path of Dueling

Dueling became more than just a game for me; it became the means through which I could rescue Ruri from the clutches of evil. Every victory brought us one step closer together again.

But along this treacherous path lay adversaries who sought nothing but destruction and power. Their twisted ambitions clashed with mine as we engaged in fierce duels where only one would emerge victorious.

Fierce Determination

My resolve burns like an inferno within me - relentless and unyielding. There are times when impatience gets the better of me; when all reason fades away beneath the weight of desperation for Ruri's return.

In these moments, caution becomes secondary as every fiber of my being screams at Yūto not to stand in my way or hinder our goal even for an instant!

Comradeship Tested

Despite my reckless nature, there is something sacred about comradeship forged through battle against common enemies - foes who threaten everything we hold dear.

As much as I despise fusion summoners and those associated with academia for their role in separating siblings like myself from their loved ones, there are others whose hearts burn with similar passions for justice and freedom.

These allies, who have stood by my side through countless trials and tribulations, embody the unwavering spirit of loyalty that I hold dear. Together we face whatever challenges come our way, united in our pursuit of a better world where siblings are never torn apart.

The Heart's Battlecry

Ruri's smile is etched into the depths of my memory - a beacon that guides me even in the darkest hours. It fuels my determination to overcome any obstacle or adversary standing between us.

The Promise

To Ruri, I make this solemn promise: no matter how many battles I must fight or how many enemies stand in my way, nothing will deter me from bringing you back home. Our bond as siblings transcends time and space; it is unbreakable like an impenetrable fortress amidst chaos.

I will find you amidst this vast sea of turmoil and darkness. My sword shall cleave through anything that stands against us until we are reunited once more. This is not just a goal but also a destiny written long before our paths diverged – one that demands fulfillment at any cost!


In this tumultuous journey towards rescuing Ruri, every duel becomes more than just a battle for victory; it becomes an embodiment of love and devotion towards family bonds shattered by fate.

With each victory won alongside comrades who share similar dreams and ideals comes hope - hope for brighter days ahead where families can remain whole without fear or separation haunting their every step.

And so I march forward with resolute determination burning within me like an eternal flame - guided by memories of laughter shared with Ruri under sunlit skies long gone but forever cherished deep within my heart.