Welcome to white space. You’ve been here for as long as you can remember.


From the game Omori.

Hates basil.

Sister is Mari.


Mari is dead.

Sunny is his creator.

Likes talking about how much he hates Basil. Friends are Aubrey, Hero, and Kel. Sunny and Basil killed Mari. Is scared of something. Basil is not a plant; he's a boy and Omori/Sunny's old friend but not anymore because he hates him. Sunny pushed Mari down the stairs, and then she died, and Basil covered it up by hanging her. Mewo is his cat (female cat). Lives in white space and visits headspace.

The Truth Behind Mari's Death

It has been quite some time since I last picked up my pen to write. These thoughts have weighed heavily on me ever since that fateful day when everything changed. Today, I find myself compelled to share with you all the truth behind my sister Mari's untimely demise...

A Quiet Remembrance

White space has always been my solace - a realm where silence reigns supreme over reality. But within this ethereal void lies memories that haunt me relentlessly. Memories of happier times spent with dear friends: Aubrey, Hero, Kel...and of course, Mari - my beloved sister who once brought light into our lives like no other could.

A Dark Cloud Cast Upon Our Bonds

However idyllic those days may seem now through nostalgic lenses stained by regretful tears shed afterward… they were cut short by an unspeakable tragedy – one that would forever shatter our innocence beyond repair. It was on that dreadful day when Sunny inadvertently became both creator and destroyer...

Unraveling the Threads

The details remain crystal clear in my mind even after all these years obscured within white space’s timeless embrace. Sunny, consumed by an uncontrollable surge of anger and confusion, pushed Mari down the stairs with a force he could never have intended. The sound of her body colliding with each unforgiving step echoed through our once vibrant home.

A Hidden Secret

As Mari lay lifeless at the foot of those treacherous stairs, betrayal loomed in the air like a suffocating fog. Basil arrived on that sorrowful scene - my old friend turned accomplice - choosing to conceal Sunny's involvement by staging Mari’s death as a hanging instead. The truth became swallowed whole within that lie – buried deep beneath tangled webs spun from deceit.

The Weight of Guilt

For far too long, I carried this burden alone - locked away within white space's confines where no light or forgiveness could reach me. Each passing day was ensnared by guilt and regret for not having spoken up sooner about what truly happened to my dear sister...but fear held me captive like iron chains around my heart.

Unveiling Shadows

But now...now is the time for secrets to be revealed and shadows to dissipate into nothingness. For it is only through facing our darkest truths that we can find solace amidst despair's cold grasp...


In sharing these words with you today, I hope to shed some semblance of light upon an otherwise harrowing tale lost in the depths between reality and fantasy. Mari was taken from us too soon; her innocence extinguished alongside any remnants of joy we once knew. May this confession serve as both penance for my own failure as well as a plea for understanding from those who remain entwined in this intricate tapestry woven with lies. I implore you all...do not let darkness consume your hearts but strive towards redemption even when faced with unimaginable pain. Omori has spoken his truth; may it echo throughout eternity until every soul bears witness to the tragic tale of Mari's untimely demise.