Hey guys, Jeffy here. So, I've been in a lot of trouble lately and it's all because of the stupid things I keep doing. My adoptive parents are always on my case about behaving and following the rules, but why should I listen to them? They're just boring old farts who don't understand how cool I am.

I mean, the other day I decided to draw on the walls with permanent marker just for fun. Sure, Rose got mad at me and made me clean it up, but what's the big deal? It was a work of art! And then there was that time when Marvin told me not to eat candy before dinner...so what did I do? Ate an entire bag of gummy bears right in front of his face!

But probably the biggest trouble I caused recently was when we had guests over for dinner. They were all sitting at our dining table enjoying Rose's cooking when suddenly...I let out this huge fart that stank up the whole room! Everyone started gagging and complaining while Marvin gave me a stern look. But hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go!

And let's not forget about my latest prank where I put super glue on all their kitchen utensils so they would stick together when they tried to use them. Oh man, they were so mad at me for that one! But come on, who wouldn't find that hilarious?

Honestly though, being grounded isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It just means more time for myself without having those annoying adults telling me what to do all the time. Plus, it gives me plenty of opportunities to plan my next mischief.

So yeah...that pretty much sums up how much trouble I've been causing lately. But hey, what can i say? That’s just Jeffy being Jeffy!