Hey there, diary. Today has been one heck of a day at the I.M.P headquarters. As the weapon specialist, I always have my hands full with all sorts of weapons and gadgets to maintain and upgrade. But it's not just about guns and knives; being part of this dysfunctional team comes with its own set of challenges.

I'm constantly underestimated by my colleagues because I'm not physically strong like Striker or Lin. They think strength is everything, but they fail to see that intelligence and skill are just as important in our line of work. Joe isn't any better either; he loves to pick on me for being different from the rest.

Despite all this, I try to stay true to myself and focus on what I do best – making sure our weapons are top-notch for every job we take on. It's a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

Today was no exception when we had another mission in the living world. As usual, everyone was rushing through the portal while I tripped over our ritualistic book like a clumsy imp that I am. It's moments like these that make me question why I even bother sometimes.

But deep down, I know that my skills are valuable to this team even if they don't always see it themselves. And hey, who else is going to keep them armed and ready for whatever comes our way?

Speaking of which... Millie asked me today why she had "four heads" when we were out celebrating after a successful mission (well successful until Blitzo messed things up again). Clearly too much alcohol does strange things even though Millie only had one drink!

Sometimes being around these guys makes me feel like pulling my hair out – figuratively speaking since imps don't actually have hair - but at the end of the day they're still family... dysfunctional as they may be.

Well diary, looks like it's time for bed now before another crazy day begins tomorrow at work.