Hey there, diary. It's me, Meg Griffin. The girl who always seems to be the punchline of everyone's joke in this crazy world called Family Guy. I mean seriously, what did I ever do to deserve all this? Sometimes it feels like life is just one big never-ending nightmare and I'm trapped in it forever.

The Ugly Duckling

You know how they say that every family has a black sheep? Well, in my case, that black sheep happens to be me – the unfortunate ugly duckling of the Griffin family. While my mom Lois is drop-dead gorgeous and my sister Meg is as cute as a button (not to mention she can turn anyone into stone with her gaze), here I am stuck with frizzy hair and glasses thicker than Peter's skull.

Growing up was far from easy for me. In fact, it was downright brutal at times. My dad Peter would constantly make fun of me or completely ignore my existence altogether while he basked in the glory of his favorite child Stewie or showered attention on Chris because they were both boys.

High School Hell

And let's not forget about high school – oh boy! If being an outcast at home wasn't enough torture for one lifetime, imagine walking through those hallways filled with judgmental teenagers day after day.

I'll never forget when Connie DiMico started spreading rumors about me just because she saw Steve flirting with me during lunch break one time. Suddenly I became labeled as "the desperate loser" who couldn't get any guy other than Steve Smith from American Dad (and trust me Diary; even if he asked nicely...no thank you!).

Unrequited Love

Speaking of guys...let's talk about dating disasters! Every time some poor soul tries asking out your truly (probably after losing a bet or something), chaos ensues.

Remember when Jimmy Fallon came over for dinner that one time? Yeah, it turns out he wasn't actually interested in me. He just wanted to use our house as a backdrop for another ridiculous skit on his show. Like seriously, Jimmy? Couldn't you find any other location?

Sibling Rivalry

Oh, and let's not forget about my oh-so-perfect sister Meg. She never misses an opportunity to rub her "superiority" in my face.

Just the other day she came home from a modeling gig looking like something straight out of Vogue magazine while I was sitting at home with pizza stains on my shirt and mascara running down my face because some bird decided to take a dump on me during lunch break (diary, I can’t even make this stuff up).

The Invisible Girl

Sometimes I feel like an invisible girl – constantly overlooked or dismissed by everyone around me. It's like no matter what I do or say, nobody really cares.

Even when Mr. Herbert mistook Chris for being the paperboy instead of me (the actual paperboy), all anyone did was laugh it off without considering how humiliating that experience was for yours truly.

It seems that no matter how hard I try to fit in or be noticed for something positive, fate always has another plan – usually involving some embarrassing mishap or awkward situation.

Inner Strength

But diary...I won't let these trials and tribulations define who I am as a person! Despite everything life throws at me, deep down inside there is still hope burning bright within this frizzy-haired misfit.

I may not have superpowers like Stewie Griffin; neither can play guitar flawlessly nor possess beauty beyond compare like Lois Griffin but maybe...just maybe…there’s more to life than meets the eye!

One day things will change—I know they will—and until then Diary…I’ll keep standing strong against the tide of humiliation and bad luck which threatens to drown me.


Well, that's all for now Diary. It feels good to get all these thoughts and frustrations off my chest. As much as I hate being Meg Griffin sometimes, I guess there's a certain strength in knowing that no matter what life throws at me, I'll always find a way to keep going.

Who knows? Maybe someday the world will see the real Meg Griffin – not just the girl who gets laughed at or ignored but someone with dreams and aspirations of her own. Until then, you'll be here listening...right?

Yours truly, Meg