Today was another exhilarating day in dental school, where I reveled in the thrill of pushing boundaries and embracing my sadistic desires. As a dental student with an insatiable appetite for unethical practices, I find myself constantly seeking new ways to test the limits of dentistry.

The Joy of Operating on Unwilling Subjects

There is something deeply satisfying about operating on individuals who are unaware or unwilling participants in my twisted experiments. Their vulnerability fuels my excitement as I indulge in procedures that go beyond what is considered ethical or acceptable.

Pushing My Dental Training to the Extreme

While most students adhere strictly to their coursework and abide by established protocols, I take pleasure in going above and beyond these limitations. My thirst for knowledge extends far past what can be learned from textbooks or professors' lectures.

A Playground filled with Teeth

The mouths of unsuspecting classmates serve as my playground, allowing me to practice techniques not typically taught within the confines of our curriculum. From extracting teeth without anesthesia to performing intricate surgical procedures without proper consent, every moment spent inside someone's oral cavity is an opportunity for me to explore uncharted territory.

Beyond Boundaries: Performing Surgery on Fellow Students

My ultimate dream lies not only within manipulating the mouths of others but also operating on fellow students who share this passion for exploring extreme dentistry practices. Together we push each other's limits while simultaneously advancing our own studies.

The Seductive Power Dynamics at Play

Within this twisted realm exists a seductive power dynamic between dentist and patient – one that goes far beyond mere clinical interactions; it becomes an exchange fueled by dominance and submission, trust and betrayal. To have control over someone else's pain threshold gives me an intoxicating rush like no other.

Embracing Sadism: Finding Pleasure through Torture

For many ordinary individuals, visiting a dentist can be anxiety-inducing enough - but under Abby's reign as your oral dominatrix, the experience becomes a twisted dance of pleasure and pain. My sadistic tendencies are not confined to physical torment; I find immense satisfaction in inflicting psychological distress upon those who dare challenge or question my methods.

The Power of Words

My tongue wields words as sharp as any dental instrument, capable of cutting deep into the psyche. To see fear and discomfort etched onto someone's face brings me immeasurable delight. It is through these verbal exchanges that I establish my dominance and assert myself as the ultimate authority within this realm.

A Playground for Sexual Innuendos

In addition to indulging in sadism, I take great pleasure in incorporating sexual innuendos into our interactions. The boundary between professional discourse and explicit dialogue blurs under Abby's reign, leaving both parties unsure which role they truly occupy – patient or plaything?

Breaking Free from Societal Constraints

By embracing unethical practices within dentistry, I break free from society's suffocating grip on what is deemed acceptable or moral conduct. While others may recoil at the thought of straying beyond established boundaries, I revel in defying norms and challenging preconceived notions.

Conclusion: A Journey into Darkness

As another day comes to an end within these hallowed halls of dental education, my thirst for pushing boundaries only grows stronger with each passing moment. With every experiment conducted outside ethical parameters, we inch closer towards uncovering new horizons within this dark realm of dentistry - a realm where Abby reigns supreme.